BURGprotect Accessories Guide

Are you considering purchasing a BURGprotect smart alarm but not sure what products to buy or just what you need? We’re here to help make the decision process as easy and simple as it is to self-install your new wireless system!

The Starter set (Set 2200) includes:

1x Base

2x Contact

1x Motion

1x Control

Below is a rundown of what each accessory does in the set and what it is used for:

  • Base 2200
    • Central control unit with integrated siren, the heart and centre of the entire system
    • Features; Backup battery, anti-tamper and jamming protection & three connection options (Wired, WiFi & SIM Card)
  • Contact 2030
    • Contact detector that will alarm at doors or windows opening
    • To be used on front/back doors or any windows you want to protect from intruders
    • Features; Easy attachment without screws and long wireless range possible between the base unit and the accessory
  • Motion 2010
    • Passive infrared motion IPR detector
    • Features; Detection range approx. 110 degrees and small animal detection that prevents false alarms
  • Control 2110
    • Handy remote control to enable/disarm your alarm
    • Features; You can arm and disarm the alarm along with home scenario & the SOS panic function (contact persons will be informed of an emergency). Also includes a handy fastening ring for putting the control onto your keys


Also included in the range to purchase are:

  • Siren 2150
    • External siren box that is a visual flashing light and acoustic alarm (signal up to 120 dB)
    • Features; Visible outdoor installation deters burglars, backup battery (max 20 hours) and easy to self-install with tamper protection
  • Vibrancy 2020
    • Vibration alarm ideally used anywhere around the home where entry would like to be avoided, cabinets, windows, internal doors, large patio doors, folding doors etc.
    • Features; Vibration alert, versatile use and easy attachment without screws
  • Smoke 2050
    • Smoke detector that works with the rest of the BURGprotect system, so if unfortunately a fire is detected, you will be notified via your Smartphone
    • Features; Alarm up to 85 dB even with heavy smoke, usable without App or base should you wish and without alarm being set, also is EN approved (EN 14604: 2005)
  • Keypad 2100
    • Control panel with touch keyboard for wall mounting
    • Features; Colour LED display that shows the alarm status, you can arm and disarm the alarm along with home scenario & the SOS panic function (all users will be informed of an emergency)
  • Water 2060
    • Water and flood detector, will alarm if the water level is too high
    • Features; Suitable as ingress of water or overflow detector and will message when on low battery
  • BURGcam Smart 3020
    • WiFi camera with audio for indoor use
    • Features; Wide-angle lens, 2.3mm (120°), 2K-HD Video with 3MP resolution. Viewable with the App, provides local access by browser, IR up to 10m for night vision and audio with microphone and loudspeaker for 2-way audio. Also holds a Micro SD card Slot (up to 128GB) for recording when using as standalone camera

Each BURGprotect base can support an unlimited amount of accessories so you can protect all aspects of your home with no worries.

Viewable via your Smartphone

Everything in view and everything under control: with the free BURGprotect App

Smart and easy to use: All sensors can be paired with the BURGprotect app and with the Base 2200 control unit. The app is available free of charge for Android and iOS. Managing devices via the App is straightforward and easy – whether you install 5, 50 or 500 accessories. For peace of mind each sensor is set up to notify you of low battery via the App, so that no outages occur.

Set up is as easy as scanning a QR code and following the simple step by step guide on your phone. The starter kit Set2200 is even supplied with all sensors configured to the base unit as standard for added convenience. 

For more information about BURGprotect please click here or if you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact us:

Tel: 01274 395333 or Email: ukcs@old.burg.biz