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BURGProtect Smart Alarm System (Discontinued)

The innovative BURGprotect ™ smart home system from BURG-WÄCHTER combines protection against burglary, fire and water damage into one easy to install system. During development, a lot of emphasis was placed on ease of installation and operation, allowing any home to be protected in a few easy steps.

How BURGprotect Works

Base 2200: Control unit & alarm siren in one

The heart of BURGprotect ™ is the central control unit Base 2200. All sensors are connected to the base 2200. Adding sensors is quick & easy – simply scan the QR code printed on each sensor with your smartphone. It doesn’t get any faster or easier! The sensor range in the home is up to 50 metres.

The system monitors the home when activated and depending on the sensors installed, alerts the user of movement, vibration, smoke, water or an opened window / door. When a sensor detects an event, it informs the Base 2200 and in a matter of seconds a notification is sent to the smartphone. At the same time the device triggers an alarm sound of up to 100 decibels. To use the system, only an internet connection is necessary. The control unit can access the internet in three different ways; LAN, WLAN or GSM (SIM card). For additional security, the Base 2200 is protected against jamming attacks.

Everything in view, everything under control: with the free BURGprotect ™ app

Smart and easy: All sensors can be paired with the BURGprotect ™ app with the Base 2200 control unit. The app is available free of charge for Android and iOS. Managing devices via the BURGprotect™ app is straightforward and easy – whether you install 5, 50 or 500 components such as motion detectors, alarm sirens or smoke detectors. In the development of the app, the intuitive and user-friendly operation came first.

Your safe smart home

Front door, windows, living room, terrace, bedroom, cellar: BURGprotect offers a sensor to protect your smart home. From the siren on the front door via the contact detector on the window to the smoke detector in living rooms and bedrooms.

Set 2200

  • Perfect start package for your home
  • Consisting of: 1x Base, 2x Contact, 1x Motion, 1x Control
  • Securing windows and doors, motion detectors capturing burglars

Base 2200

  • Central control unit with integrated siren (max 100 dB)
  • Backup battery, anti-tamper and jamming protection
  • Three Internet connections (LAN, WLAN, GSM)

Siren 2150

  • Optical and acoustic alarm signal up to 120 dB
  • Visible outdoor installation deters burglars
  • Backup battery (max 20 hours), Tamper protection

Motion 2010

  • Passive infrared detector
  • Detection range approx. 110 degrees
  • Small animal detection prevents false alarms

Vibrancy 2020

  • Vibration alert
  • Versatile use (windows, furniture, showcases)
  • Easy attachment without screws

Contact 2030

  • Contact detector, alarm at door or window opening
  • Easy attachment without screws
  • High range

Smoke 2050

  • Smoke detectors are mandatory in living spaces
  • Alarm up to 85 dB with heavy smoke
  • Also usable without app

Water 2060

  • Water detector, alarm if the water level is too high
  • Suitable as ingress of water, overflow detector
  • Message on low battery

Keypad 2100

  • Remote control with touch keyboard for wall mounting
  • Colored LED display shows the alarm status
  • Operation of alarm system, home scenario, SOS panic function (contact persons will be informed)

Control 2110

  • Handy remote control
  • Operation of alarm system, home scenario, SOS panic function (contact persons will be informed)
  • Practical fastening ring for keychain or key box

BURGprotect ™ App

  • Free app for iOS and Android
  • Secure thanks to 256-bit encryption
  • Intuitive installation of the alarm system