Genuine protection with a BURG-WÄCHTER safe

A safe should be the most secure place in your home or office. Every BURG-WÄCHTER safe pairs quality German craftmanship and precision engineering to offer a safe that provide peace of mind and protect your most valuable assets.

Genuine certification

BURG-WÄCHTER certified safes are independently tested by VdS and certified by ECB•S. These test and certification bodies are recognised by the UK association of insurance surveyors (AiS). This ensures that the safe you purchase is as secure as the claims made on the packaging.

Buy with confidence

BURG-WÄCHTER safes are engineered in Germany to offer superior quality and reliability. BURG-WÄCHTER are always the safe choice.

Find the model that suits you

BURG-WÄCHTER offer a wide selection of safes, from compact home models, fire safes, Eurograded certified safes, gun cabinets and large commercial safety cabinets.