Gun owners have a great responsibility: BURG-WÄCHTER made the secure storage of your weapons to its task. Here, every hunter and every shooter will find the right gun cabinet. Furthermore, we provide useful tips for an optimal and legal storage of weapons and ammunition of all kinds. Here, we also offer different variants and locking systems for a best possible storage and convenient handling.

Waffenschrank Ranger N7
Gun cabinet Ranger N7

The new gun cabinet Ranger N7 with resistance grade 0: In accordance with the German weapons law, tightened in July 2017 Gun cabinet Ranger N7: The responsible place to store long guns and up to 5 short weapons. Opening with … Read More

Waffenschrank Ranger N5 von Tresor-Spezialist BURG-WÄCHTER
Gun cabinet Ranger N5

Authorized for long guns and for up to 5 short weapons: Gun cabinet Ranger N5 with resistance grade 0 The gun cabinet Ranger N5 conforms to the German weapon law, tightened in July 2017. Thus you store long guns and … Read More

BURG-WÄCHTER Waffenschrank Ranger I 8 E FP
Ranger 800/8

Gun cabinet Ranger 800/8 with resistance grade I BURG-WÄCHTER provides the perfect solution for all rangers, hunter and marksmen. In fact, the gun cabinet Ranger 800/8 ensures a responsible storage of weapons. The Ranger can contain up to eight long … Read More

BURG-WÄCHTER short weapon safe Magno M 520

Magno – The short weapon safe in two sizes Whether you’re a hunter or a marksman, weapon owners bear a great responsibility. That’s why Section 36 of the German weapon law requires a safe with resistance grade 0 (N) for … Read More

GunLock GL 345
Gun Lock GL 345

The safety lock for guns Secures the gun from firing by blocking the trigger Effective additional protection for your gun against unauthorised use – only code holders can access the trigger Consists of 2 parts which interlock with each other … Read More

BURG-WÄCHTER KWH 5 handgun holder
KWH 5 handgun holder

KWH 5 handgun holder for easy storage Whether you have a safe or gun cabinet, with the KWH 5 handgun holder, every gun will be safely stored. With the handgun holder you can store up to five handguns separately from … Read More