A post box from BURG-WÄCHTER is made with quality in mind – stylish, durable and reassuringly German engineered for years of care free use.

Find the perfect post box

The vast range of post boxes includes not only those suitable for mounting to walls, but also reverse opening boxes for fences / gates, large capacity parcel boxes and newspaper holders.

The wide choice of designs from both contemporary to traditional, and a choice of colours ensures the right post box is available for all properties.

A safe place to store post

Quality locks ensure safe is stored securely and can be only accessed by the property owner. All post boxes are weather resistant for exterior use, galvanised steel models are sutiable for general all-around use, where stainless steel and polymer models are partically suited to harsh coastal enviroments where rust & corrosion can be an issue.

Always the safe choice: A BURG-WÄCHTER post box.