The innovative electronic door locks of the series secuENTRY, TSE Prime and Home developed in the house of BURG-WÄCHTER are a convenient alternative to the classical door lock.
You forgot the key? You slammed the door and locked yourself out? The kids lost the key? With the electronic door lock you can open your doors easily with a secret code or finger print, transponder or smartphone.
Lost keys and expensive opening of doors by a locksmith belong to the past.

Assembly and handling: Easy and more than convenient

The electronic controlled cylinder replaces the mechanical profile cylinder and is easily mountable with only a few quick movements. Different closing and opening functions make the access to and in your home safe and comfortable at the same time.

  • Open your door practically and mobile via App on your smartphone. (For all secuENTRY and secuENTRY easy products)
  • From now on, only carry a small passive transponder with you: Held before the lock, it unlocks the electronic cylinder. (For secuENTRY 5700/5701/5702)
  • You do not want to carry around an inconvenient key anymore? Then again, BURG-WÄCHTER has the right solution. Get access to your home or apartment with a 6-digit, individually programmable code. Further create temporary codes for instance to grant access to neighbours when you are on vacation. (For secuENTRY 5701/5702, secuENTRY easy 5601/5602 and TSE Prime 5021/5022)
  • The model with finger print scan offers an even more convenient access. Simply programme one finger in advance and quickly grant yourself access with only a small movement over the sensor. (For secuENTRY 5702, secuENTRY easy 5602 and TSE Prime 5022)

Security was never this easy!