TSE Prime Set 5022
TSE Set 5022 Fingerscan

New: The electronic door lock with comfortable finger scan Out of the TSE PRIME series from BURG-WÄCHTER, there is the novelty with a practical finger scan module integrated in the keypad. There is no more convenient way to open your … Read More

TSE Prime Set 5021
TSE Set 5021 Pincode

Easy and quick: Opening doors with a 6-digit secret code A modern way to open and securely close your doors: The electronic door lock TSE PRIME with pin code from BURG-WÄCHTER offers a particular opening comfort. Enter your personal 6-digit … Read More

TSE Set 5013 E-Key
TSE Set 5013 E-Key

TSE PRIME with E-Key: The convenient electronic key replaces the classic one The electronic key makes the access to your home significantly easy and convenient. The installation of the electronic door cylinder is quick and easy and can be switched … Read More

TSE Software
TSE Software

TSE software for more functionality Configure and administrate your complete electronic door lock system professionally and clearly. Even more functionality With the suitable software to your TSE locking system, you have many possibilities to organise the administration of all users … Read More

TSE 5103 E-KEY
Radio key TSE E-KEY

Electronic radio key – handy and well-shaped For opening your doors with the TSE system, you have the possibility to switch the electronic cylinder with the help of a small, handy E-KEY. The TSE PC software with additional features offers … Read More