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TSE Set 5021 Pincode


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Easy and quick: Opening doors with a 6-digit secret code

A modern way to open and securely close your doors: The electronic door lock TSE PRIME with pin code from BURG-WÄCHTER offers a particular opening comfort. Enter your personal 6-digit code conveniently via the TSE keypad. The electronic cylinder will switch and you can turn the knob for opening.

Different opening possibilities

The TSE PRIME PINCODE offers two practical possibilities, to open your doors conveniently and safely.

  • Quick and easy is the access with a 6-digit code that has been programmed prior to the first opening operation. Here, you can program up to 48 users with their respective access codes (incl. one administrator code).
    There are one million codes possible.
  • Optionally, you can purchase practical, electronic TSE keys. These automatically switch the electronic cylinder when in range of the door. You can alternatively switch the cylinder manually with the button of the E-key.
    Both versions offer comfort and security at the same time.

All opening options are optimally protected against manipulation.

For inside and weather-protected outside doors

The electronic TSE PRIME cylinder is suitable for all doors with a thickness of up to 118 mm (59/59). It’s assembly is especially uncomplicated and happens with only a few quick movements. No additional drilling is needed – the existing fittings of your door stay unchanged. The electronic cylinder easily replaces the mechanical euro profile cylinder.
Please note that you place the inside cylinder in a weather-protected area.

The TSE PRIME keypad (protection class IP 65) is weatherproof and should be mounted in a 4-metre range of the door. That way, a flawless wireless connection is guaranteed.
The keypad is battery-driven and due to new energy-saving technology, offers a high battery life.
Furthermore, the display of the keypad is illuminated – for a quick and convenient code entry even in bad light.
The keypad’s touch panel makes entering the code especially easy.

User administration with the convenient TSE software

The optionally obtainable TSE software for your computer offers several additional and convenient features. Administrate all users, create user profiles and grant or withdraw access rights. Even an allocation of temporary rights is possible.
For an ideal overview of all the accesses, you can read out the history at any time.

This TSE PRIME Set includes one electronic cylinder, one TSE keypad PINCODE, batteries for a direct commissioning and a user and installation guide.

At a glance: The TSE PRIME SET 5021 PINCODE


  • New energy-saving technology
  • Increased durability
  • More convenient lock
  • Reliable operation even in low light conditions


  • Up to 48 users can be programmed (incl. one administrator code)
  • One million different codes possible
  • 6-digit user codes
    (optional: radio keys TSE E-KEY)
  • Optimum protection against manipulation
  • mechanical emergency lock (2 keys)
  • Keypad weatherproof, protection class IP 65


  • For all doors with a thickness of up to 118 mm (59/59)
  • For interior and exterior doors


  • Keypad to be mounted within a 4 m range of the door
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Keypad operation via touch panel


  • No cabling, no drilling, etc.
  • The electronic TSE profile cylinder replaces the mechanical euro profile lock
  • Existing fittings remain unchanged
  • No drilling – easy replace
  • Inside cylinder needs to be placed in weather-protected areas


  • Our optional TSE software offers several additional functions such as:
    • User administration exclusively for pin codes or E-keys
    • Administration of access times and rights for pin codes and E-keys
    • History readout, etc.