Protect your documents and other valuables not only reliably from burglars but also from fire and heat with the fire protective safes from BURG-WÄCHTER. Thanks to the fire protective material, the safes have successfully passed the fire test. With different certified fire resistance grades, your documents are protected for up to one hour from fire and heat. Choose from various sizes the perfect safe to securely keep your documents.

BURG-WÄCHTER Tresor Diplomat MTD 750 E FP

Diplomat MTD safe for demanding applications Protection against theft combined with protection against fire and heat. The BURG-WÄCHTER Diplomat series safes provide double security, making them the ideal place for your valuables! This is because the Diplomat safe with resistance … Read More

Diplomat S MTD 34
Diplomat – Key Lock

Diplomat – The premium home and commercial safe Cash Rating: £10,000 | Valuable Rating: £100,000 | Certification: Eurograde 1 Diplomat fire safes are manufactured in Germany to offer superior protection with certification against attack to ECB.S Grade 1 (EN 1143-1) … Read More

Dual-Safe DS 425 E FP

Dual-Safe offers certified burglary protection and certified fire protection The name says it all: The Dual-Safe from BURG-WÄCHTER provides double security. The safe combines certified burglary protection with certified fire protection (fire resistance LFS 30P according to EN 15659). This … Read More


Combi-Line safe with certified fire protection The BURG-WÄCHTER safes from the Combi-Line series not only guarantee optimum security against burglars, but are also tested and certified for fire protection. Combi-Line is ideal for the storage of valuables, important documents and … Read More

Feuerschutz-Tresor FP 43
Fire Protective Safe FP 43 E

Fire Protective Safe FP 43 – Withstands fire and burglary The Fire Protective safe FP 43 resists heat and protects your treasured items against fire damage. Our test – After one hour kept at a temperature of up to 1,030 degrees … Read More

Dokumentenschrank Office-Doku OD 824 E FP von BURG-WÄCHTER

The robust and fireproof OfficeDoku filing cabinet Office-Doku by BURG-WÄCHTER: The right safe for every company that values the security of its customer data, files and documents. The safe features a robust construction and lots of space, as well as … Read More