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Dual-Safe offers certified burglary protection and certified fire protection

The name says it all: The Dual-Safe from BURG-WÄCHTER provides double security. The safe combines certified burglary protection with certified fire protection (fire resistance LFS 30P according to EN 15659). This means that important documents, cash and other valuables are protected from fire and heat for up to 30 minutes in the event of a fire. In addition, composite insulation is installed in front of the door leaf as thermal insulation for the lock and bolt mechanism. In terms of burglary protection, the Dual-Safe is certified according to the S2 standard as per DIN EN 14450.

This is how the safe is constructed

The Dual-Safe safety cabinet offers many advantages for your security. The safe is double-walled. Additional protection is provided by the side locks with 25 mm round bolts, a sliding bolt at the top with additional puncture protection, and a rear gripping rail on the hinge side. In addition, the hinges lie on the inside and therefore offer no points of attack.

Dual-Safe prepared for safe anchorage

To prevent a safe from being easily stolen by thieves, secure anchoring is absolutely essential. To make anchoring the Dual-Safe easy, the safe comes prepared from the factory with two holes in the rear wall and two holes in the base (arranged diagonally) for robust anchoring. To keep valuables and documents neatly arranged, each model comes with an adjustable shelf.

Four sizes, opening by key, code or fingerprint

With the Dual-Safe, everyone can find the model that suits them best. This is ensured by the large selection of four sizes and two locking mechanisms. The safes of the Dual-Safe series offer volumes of 15 litres (DS 415), 27 litres (DS 425), 50 litres (DS 445) and 78 litres (DS 465). The largest version thus offers space for up to eight large binders. Tip: If you can’t decide on a size when buying, the larger model is the better choice. Experience shows that over the years more and more things that need to be kept safe are added.

“SecuTronic” modern safe electronics unit with touch control panel

With the locking systems you can choose between the classic, “SecuSafe” mechanical key lock (K models) and the “SecuTronic” electronic locking system (E FP models) for opening by code or fingerprint. The “SecuTronic” TRSE 12 H FP modern safe electronics unit offers a control panel with slanted touch control panel and graphic display. Instead of looking for the “On” button, you need only to swipe the control panel. This immediately activates it and illuminates it in two colours.

In addition, the sloped position also guarantees optimal viewing from above. You can of course freely select the opening code. One admin and nine user codes are available. You can also read the opening history directly on the display. The “SecuTronic” TRSE 12 H FP has an opening delay (max. 99 min). This means: After entering the code, the programmed time must elapse before the Dual-Safe can be opened. Once three incorrect codes have been entered, a lock-out time is activated. This means that burglars have no chance to try lots of combinations.

With security level B, the Dual-Safe offers insurance coverage up to 20,000 Euro (private) and 2500 Euro (commercial). Please note: A coordination with the respective insurer is required due to differing insurance conditions.


The Dual-Safe offers

  • Safes with certification valid throughout Europe
  • Type-tested security monitored by ECB•S
  • Tested and certified burglary and fire protection
  • Security level S2 according to DIN EN 14450
  • LFS 30 fire resistance according to EN 15659 – 30 minutes’ fire protection for paper
  • Fire protection material according to DIN 4102
  • Composite insulation installed in front of the door leaf as thermal insulation for the lock and bolt mechanism.
  • Double-walled construction
  • Inset hinge
  • Lateral locking by 25 mm thick round bolts plus sliding bolt on top
  • Rear gripping rail on the hinge side
  • Anchoring option in the rear wall and in the floor, two holes in rear wall and two holes in the floor, arranged diagonally (mounting hardware included)
  • Body: light grey, door: light grey
  • Each with one shelf as standard
  • Safe floor lined with felt

Model K (mechanical lock, SecuSafe)

  • Armoured security double-bit lock
  • VdS-tested, Class 1
  • ECB•S-certified EN 1300, Class A
  • Nine tumblers
  • 1,000,000 different locking arrangements
  • Factory-supplied with two keys

Model E FP (electronic lock with fingerprint module, SecuTronic)

  • ECB•S-certified (Class B)
  • Fake fingerprint detection
  • Up to 10 six-digit user codes
  • Up to 20 fingerprints
  • Modern electronics with graphic display and touch control panel (illuminated)
  • Slanted display for optimal operability
  • Additional security: Opening time delay adjustable (max. 99 min)
  • Software updates easily installed via SD card
  • Locking history viewable
  • Menu navigation in 12 languages
  • Easy battery replacement (batteries included in delivery)
  • DS 415/425/445: The lock fitting protrudes 13 mm; DS 465: The lock fitting protrudes 11 mm


The Dual-Safe models at a glance

Item Outside H x W x D (mm) Inside H x W x D (mm) Door H x W (opening in mm) Weight (kg) Capacity (l) Locking system
DS 415 K 320 x 435 x 380 205 x 320 x 232 205 x 265 44,0 15,0 Mechanical lock
DS 425 K 360 x 495 x 445 245 x 380 x 297 245 x 325 55,0 27,0 Mechanical lock
DS 445 K 560 x 495 x 445 445 x 380 x 297 445 x 325 77,0 50,0 Mechanical lock
DS 465 K 820 x 495 x 445 694 x 380 x 297 694 x 324 111,0 78,0 Mechanical lock
DS 415 E FP 320 x 435 x 380 205 x 320 x 232 205 x 265 44,0 15,0 Code and fingerprint
DS 425 E FP 360 x 495 x 445 245 x 380 x 297 245 x 325 55,0 27,0 Code and fingerprint
DS 445 E FP 560 x 495 x 445 445 x 380 x 297 445 x 325 77,0 50,0 Code and fingerprint
DS 465 E FP 820 x 495 x 445 694 x 380 x 297 694 x 324 111,0 78,0 Code and fingerprint


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The safe with certified burglary protection and certified fire protection