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Diplomat MTD Freestanding safes for demanding applications

Diplomat safes offer commercial grade security with advanced protection against attack and fire through superior construction. The three walled armoured body is designed with reinforced with special fire insulation and the self-sealing door offers exceptional performance.  Available in a choice of four sizes, with a high security mechanical lock or electronic lock including fingerprint module.  Secure storage for valuables in home or office.

At a glance :

  • Safe with resistance grade I according to EN 1143-1 in four sizes
  • Certified fire protection according to EN 15659. LFS 60 P guarantees at least 60 minutes’ fire protection for paper
  • Type-tested security monitored by ECB•S/VdS
  • Triple-walled body, wall with reinforced special fire protection insulation
  • BURG-WÄCHTER special thermal insulation in the body and door with FPC (Fire Protection Concrete) construction
  • Inset door, four-walled; inset concealed special door hinges ensure an attractive appearance!
  • Sealing of the door gap by special sealing material that swells
  • Extensive reinforcement in front of the latch mechanism and locking bolt
  • Four-sided locking through strong round bolts
  • Special rear wall construction with additional reinforcement
  • Connection to alarm system or alarm messaging system possible
  • Optimum use of interior space due to slim cabinet construction
  • Prepared at the factory for wall and floor anchoring, installation hardware is supplied
  • Binder depth; adjustable shelf (MTD 740 and 750 with one shelf, MTD 760 and 780 with two shelves)
  • Painted in silver-metallic, special paintwork on request
  • Two non-resettable emergency-locking systems for added safety


Diplomat MTD – version K (mechanical lock) “SecuSafe”

  • “SecuSafe” armoured high-security double-bit lock
  • Resettable lock – if keys are lost the lock can easily be reset to a new set of keys
  • 10 tumblers, 50 million different locking arrangements with forced closure
  • VdS tested (Class 2) and certified according to EN 1300 ECB•S (Class B)
  • Lock fitting protrudes 13 mm
  • Factory supplied with two keys

Diplomat MTD – version E FP (Electronic lock with fingerprint) “SecuTronic”

  • ECB•S-certified (Class B)
  • Fake fingerprint detection
  • Up to 10 six-digit user codes
  • Up to 20 fingerprints
  • Modern electronics with graphic display and illuminated touch control panel
  • Slanted display for optimal operability
  • Additional security: Individually adjustable opening time delay (max. 99 min)
  • Software updates via SD card
  • Locking history viewable
  • Menu navigation in 12 languages
  • Easy battery replacement; batteries included with the delivery


Diplomat technical information

Art-No. Outside H x W x D (mm) Inside H x W x D (mm) Door H x W (opening in mm) Weight (kg) Capacity (l) Locking system
MTD 740 K 380 x 500 x 462 255 x 372 x 300 255 x 337 92 28,3 Mechanical lock
MTD 750 K 470 x 500 x 462 345 x 372 x 300 345 x 337 104 38,5 Mechanical lock
MTD 760 K 625 x 500 x 462 500 x 372 x 300 500 x 337 132 55,8 Mechanical lock
MTD 780 K 985 x 500 x 462 860 x 372 x 300 860 x 337 186 96,0 Mechanical lock
MTD 740 E FP 380 x 500 x 462 255 x 372 x 300 255 x 337 92 28,3 Code and fingerprint
MTD 750 E FP 470 x 500 x 462 345 x 372 x 300 345 x 337 104 38,5 Code and fingerprint
MTD 760 E FP 625 x 500 x 462 500 x 372 x 300 500 x 337 132 55,8 Code and fingerprint
MTD 780 E FP 985 x 500 x 462 860 x 372 x 300 860 x 337 186 96,0 Code and fingerprint

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

MTD 740 K, MTD 750 K, MTD 760 K, MTD 780 K, MTD 740 E FP, MTD 750 E FP, MTD 760 E FP, MTD 780 E FP

I'm looking for a safe with fire protection. How much fire protection does each safe offer, and what do the different levels mean?

The indicated levels serve to classify the individual models within the BURG-WÄCHTER family. If you are looking for a safe that offers both tested fire protection and certified burglary protection, we recommend a safe from the Combi-Line series, the MTD F 60 or an OfficeDoku.


My safe is locked and I don't have my keys. What can I do if I can’t find any keys?

Contact a local security specialist (dealer search on our homepage). If the key has been stolen or lost, depending on the value of the safe we recommend either replacing the safe or installing a new lock. If you are looking for a specialist, our service helpline

+ 49 (0)2335 965 366

will be happy to assist you.


My key broke. What can I do?

First check whether the key bit is stuck in the lock. If this is the case, try to remove the broken-off part of the key and open the lock with the second key. Afterwards you should take the duplicate key to a specialised dealer in security products (locksmith), who will make a duplicate key for you.


What happens to the code set when the batteries are changed?

As a rule, the code is retained and does not have to be reconfigured by BURG-WÄCHTER for all current safes following a battery change.


I want to change my codes. How do I find the operating instructions?

On the BURG-WÄCHTER homepage you will find the appropriate operating instructions for each safe.


The electronic lock on my safe is not giving out any more signals and/or is not responding at all. What can I do in this case?

The first thing you should try is to change the batteries. If necessary, you should clean the battery contacts and spray them with pole grease or contact spray. If the electronic lock is still not giving out a signal, you should try to remove the batteries and then press the ON/Enter button several times (at least three times), insert new batteries and try again with the known code.


On which safe can you replace the door:

a) after a break-in?

b) to change the locking system from S to E?

Both after a break-in and if you wish to change the locking system, VdS-approved safes and gun cabinets with resistance grade 0 (N) or higher offer the option to replace the door. That means this is possible with the Karat, Diplomat, Office, and Royal safes.

The safe with double protection