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The Diplomat wall safe for extra security – our highest rated wall safe

Diplomat wall safes are manufactured in Germany to offer superior protection with certification against attack to ECB.S Grade 1 (EN 1143-1). Attack resistance is provided with a double walled door with large square locking bolts with integrated steel roll bars and locking on three sides of the door. Additional armouring is added around the lock casing to prevent drilling attacks, which is further protected with a non-resettable dual emergency bolt system. A reinforced steel back wall allows for usage of the entire wall depth making installation easier.

Added security: The Diplomat wall safe boasts a robust body and with its secure anchoring in the wall, offers a maximum resistance against forceful entry.

Safely store away cash money, jewellery, documents and other valuables. The interior offers enough space for more than one common sized file. Separately available is an additional interior safe with a cylinder lock if required. Version WT 10/5 of the wall safe Diplomat is equipped with one and version WT 10/6 and 10/8 with two adjustable shelves. The two-tone design is elegant and does not attract unwanted attraction.

The wall safe Diplomat at a glance

  • Resistance grade I
  • Insurance rating of £10,000 cash and £100,000 valuables
  • Certified protection against burglary according to EN 1143-1
  • Type tested and supervised security by ECB•S/VdS
  • 10mm strong steel back wall with stainless steel reinforcement allows for entire depth of wall to be used without the requirement of a concrete back wall
  • Double-walled door, door leaf made of SM steel, thickness: 10 mm
  • Manganese steel plating as additional protection of the lock
  • Three-sided locking through strong square bolts, bolts with two integrated steel rolls each, double protection against flame-cutting
  • All-over rear gripping bar on the hinge side
  • Door with fire-protective material according to DIN 4102-A1
  • Body with specially designed fire fold
  • Available with interior safe suitable for file storage
  • Movable shelf (size 6 + 8 with two shelves)
  • Double walled door with three sided square locking bolts with integrated steel rolls for enhanced flame cutting protection
  • Security advantage:
    door with double emergency locking mechanism, not re-settable, patented; special protection against break-through in front of each bolt and in front of the lock
  • Also available with left-sided hinge

Please note that the lock armature protrudes 32 mm.

VdS tested ‘SecuTronic’ electronic combination lock with integrated finger scan

The programmable electronic combination lock ‘SecuTronic’ developed by Burg-Wächter is provided with an integrated finger scan module as standard. An especially quick, convenient and safe option for all who do not want to carry a key around.
To open the wall safe via the finger scan module, two fingers need to be programmed in advance. The precise and highly sensitive authentication process functions extremely fast and is totally reliable. It only operates with ‘real, live, fingers’ – fake fingers and copies are excluded during the identification procedure, providing an extremely safe and secure method of entry.

The electronic lock is certified according to VdS class 2 and offers one million different combination options. Due to the intelligent menu-driven operation, an organised administration of up to ten 6-digit user codes, up to 20 fingerprints and up to 300 optional TSE E-Keys is possible. Via the optionally available TSE PC software, you can additionally administrate user names, access times and rights, calendar options and much more.

Article Exterior H x W x D (mm) Interior H x W x D (mm) Door Opening H x W (mm) Weight (kg) Volume (ltr)
WT 10/5 350 E 465 x 500 x 385 345 x 370 x 300 345 x 340 65 37.8
WT 10/6 350 E 620 x 500 x 385 500 x 370 x 3000 500 x 340 80 54.8
WT 10/6 580 E 620 x 500 x 580 500 x 370 x 495 500 x 340 90 90.3
WT 10/8 350 E 980 x 500 x 385 860 x 370 x 300 860 x 340 115 94.2
WT 10/8 580 E 980 x 500 x 580 860 x 370 x 495 860 x 340 130 155.4


 Accessory Article Description / Measurements
IT WT 10 WT 10 interior safe for files
(measurements: H 180 x W 370 x D 260mm)

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The Diplomat: Resistance against burglary and fire