Diving Into A Secure Future: Cornish Community Organisations secure free kits to protect premises & equipment

Cornish based Bude Dive Club and Bude Pilot Gig Club both identified a need to upgrade the security around their organisations. In order to address this issue as quickly as possible both clubs successfully applied for a Secure Communities Scheme, who awarded them free security kits, enabling them to keep their equipment locked up for added safety and to prevent theft or vandalism around their premises.

The Bude Dive Club makes the most of the wonderful Cornish coast line by diving right into the sea that surrounds it.  The club makes scuba diving as accessible as possible to its members, from the school aged to those in retirement. While the club trains members in scuba diving skills, it has also become social centre for its members.  All this activity has been restricted during lockdown, but members have kept up their interests with online training and social events.

With three gigs and the option of rowing both at sea and on inland water, the Cornish-based Bude Pilot Gig Club is thriving.  It has over 70 members whose ages range from 10 to 70 and who enjoy all aspects of rowing, from simple pleasure-boating to competitive training and racing.  The club also plays a central role in the local community, not just through the sport and social opportunities it offers, but also through its active fund raising for local causes.  A recent sponsored ergo event held during lockdown raised £4,000 for the local children’s hospice.  Members say the club has helped with social isolation, maintaining fitness and supporting mental health.

However, both clubs had security concerns. Bude Dive Club was worried about its valuable diving kit during the time it was not in use, and wanted to increase the protection around its storage facility. For Bude Pilot Gig Club, lockdown highlighted to the club the vulnerability of its storage premises, in particular how to protect its valuable oars.  Looking ahead, the club’s organisers also identified the challenge of managing cash going forward, as local bank branches closed.   Both clubs applied to the Secure Communities Scheme for a solution and were awarded with security kits tailored to their needs.  Th Bude Dive Club’s kit included a heavy-duty padlock to replace the existing ageing lock, but also contained security cables and padlocks so that higher value items within the storage can be individually secured. This double layered approach to security is an effective way of deterring theft, as it increases the amount of time and effort taken to steal items, and improves the likelihood that the activity will be overseen and reported to police. The Bude Pilot Gig Club’s security kit included padlocks for the oar storage, a retail-quality cash box and security anchor for their equipment in storage. Club members are already relishing being able to get out onto the water again and have welcomed the increased security that the award has provided for kit and equipment.

Speaking for Bude Dive Club, Andy Squirrel commented, “As a small and friendly scuba diving club we work hard to break down barriers and the cycle of exclusion that comes from being in a rural area. The security products from the Secure Communities Scheme will ensure that the dive equipment we have is protected for all current and future members to use, allowing us to continue being a social haven bringing people together over a shared activity.”

Bude Pilot Gig Club’s Chairman, Kerry Schubert, commented, “We are delighted to have received the Secure Communities Scheme Award. Being able to keep our equipment safe and secure with excellent quality padlocks, chains and security anchor point gives us real peace of mind. The security cash box has allowed us to easily and safely collect our weekly rowing subs which is much needed to help towards the running costs of the club.”

Mark Pearson from Burg-Wächter, the company behind the Secure Communities Scheme commented: “Burg-Wächter is known for its comprehensive choice of locking products as well as an extensive range of safes and post-boxes.  We saw a rise in demand for such products during the Covid-19 lockdowns.  We knew that communities would struggle to meet the unexpected cost of providing extra security during the restrictions, so we adapted our existing Secure Communities Scheme to reflect this need. Since the first lockdown commenced last year, we have provided over 70 security kits worth an average of £150 each to communities across the UK, with many more applications currently being processed.  We hope the Scheme’s support for both Bude Dive Club and Bude Pilot Gig Club means that they can continue to be places of fun and freedom for their community without the concern of equipment being stolen.

The Secure Communities Scheme is now seeking more applications from community projects that are still affected by the pandemic restrictions.  Any local initiative that is run by or supports the local community can apply.  Successful applicants receive a tailored security kit to help secure property, premises, equipment or storage areas to the value of £150.  Successful applications are selected dependent on their engagement with local communities, the impact of the lockdown on security requirements and the benefits that increased security can provide.


Application forms for the Secure Communities Scheme can be found here: https://uk.burg.biz/community/.

More information on Bude Dive Club can be found here: http://www.budediveclub.co.uk/

More information on Bude Pilot Gig Club can be found here https://www.budepilotgigclub.co.uk/