Farming A Secure Future: Nottingham community farm awarded security kit to keep animals safe

Nottingham based Stonebridge City Farm recently identified a need to increase its security levels.  This meant replacing old and broken padlocks around the farm, as well as having an easier to use system for their volunteers, many of which have a learning disability. The potential costs were considerable, so the charity farm successfully applied for a Secure Communities Scheme award.  The farm received a free set of security products specifically suited to securing its outbuildings and perimeter, helping to keep the property and animals safe and secure for the future.

Stonebridge City Farm offers visitors free access through their charity to its community farm.  This enables visitors to get in touch with the natural environment and enjoy the opportunity to interact with the farm’s animals. Managing the farm is a major undertaking and involves around 140 volunteers, many of whom face their own physical and mental challenges. Keeping the farm secure and protecting the welfare of the animals, as well as keeping visitors safe are all major issues for the farm’s staff.  To help keep their 21 animal pens, aviary and feed stores secure, alongside controlling access to their main site and barn complex, the Farm applied for help from the Secure Communities Scheme.  After consultation, it was decided that padlocks provided the most practical solution.  Although combination locks were considered, it was decided key-alike padlocks would work best for the management and the volunteers.  21 keyed-alike padlocks were provided for the animal pens, while the main site gates and those giving access to the paddocks were also fitted with new heavy-duty padlocks.

Peter Armitage, General Manager of Stonebridge City Farm, commented: “We are very grateful to Burg-Wächter for providing so many padlocks.  Improving and financing security has been an issue for some time.  The new padlocks mean that as well as gates, paddocks and storage areas being more secure, the new key system is much easier for both busy staff and volunteers.”

Mark Pearson from Burg-Wächter, the company behind the Secure Communities Scheme commented: “Burg-Wächter is known for its comprehensive choice of locking products as well as an extensive range of safes and post-boxes.  We saw a rise in demand for such products during the Covid-19 lockdowns.  We knew that communities would struggle to meet the unexpected cost of providing extra security during the restrictions, so we adapted our existing Secure Communities Scheme to reflect this need. Since the first lockdown commenced last year, we have provided over 70 security kits worth an average of £150 each to communities across the UK, with many more applications currently being processed.  We hope the Scheme’s support for Stonebridge City Farm will allow them to continue their work with the community, their volunteers and animals without the added worry of needing to improve their security.The Secure Communities Scheme is now seeking more applications from community projects that are still affected by the pandemic restrictions.  Any local initiative that is run by or supports the local community can apply.  Successful applicants receive a tailored security kit to help secure property, premises, equipment or storage areas to the value of £150.  Successful applications are selected dependent on their engagement with local communities, the impact of the lockdown on security requirements and the benefits that increased security can provide.  Application forms for the Secure Communities Scheme can be found here: More information on Stonebridge City Farm can be found here: