With the user friendly products from the sector measuring tools from BURG-WÄCHTER, you get practical and reliable helpers for the diverse challenges in everyday life. Whether private or commercial, measure distances, areas or volumes with the distance measuring tool Laser Meter 50 PS 7550 in a precise and reliable way and with the help of efficient laser technology. Provide security with drilling with the multifunctional detectors LOCATE M or S. They trustworthily localise metal pipes and electricity cables. Our practical angle laser CROSS PS 7510 is a more than convenient tool for all craftsmen to professionally and effortlessly lay parquet and tiles. Conveniently and easily measure distances or diameters of objects with our digital caliper PRECISE PS 7215 or determine moisture of firewood, walls, screed etc. with the handy moisture meter DRY PS 7400. From a distance, the temperature gun ENERGY PS 7420 checks for instance thermal bridges in houses and apartments or efficiencies of air conditioning systems via infrared technology and laser bearing. You want to check the tyre pressure of your car or bicycle? Absolutely no problem: The digital tyre pressure gauge TYRE PS PS 7470 from BURG-WÄCHTER helps you with that. For all who are fond of travelling, we have an especially functional tool: With the digital steelyard (TARA PS 7600) you can quickly and easily weigh your luggage and optimally adjust it to your travel. Discover these and further helpful products from the measuring tool section.
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Handwaage TARA PS 7610 - Kofferwaage und Reisewaage
Digital hand scale TARA PS 7610

TARA PS 7610 – The digital hand scale for travel and leisure Exact measurement results, space-saving design: The TARA PS 7610 hand scale is a practical aide in many everyday situations. The TARA 7610 can be used, for example, as … Read More

Laserentfernungsmessgerät Laser Meter 20 PS 7520
Laser Meter 20 PS 7520

Distance meter precise measuring of distances of up to 20m convenient handling and easy operation thanks to big keys and illuminated display measuring of distances and surfaces possible incl. 2xAAA batteries (1.5 V)


Multi Meter PS 7455 Measurements of voltage, current, resistance, continuity test, temperature, diodes, battery test (1,5/9/12 V) Measures electrical appliances such as computers, televisions and household electrics with autorange function Put-up hinge and digital display for better reading Technical data … Read More

Moisture meter DRY PS 7400
DRY PS 7400

Moisture meter DRY PS 7400 Popular wood moisture meter with hinged cap. With two electrodes, measures moisture e.g. in firewood, walls and cement screed etc. Large digital Display Measurement range: Wood: 4 – 60 % Solid materials: 0,2 – 3,0 … Read More

Laser angle CROSS PS 7510

Laser angle CROSS PS 7510 Projects 2 laser lines at an angle of 90° Ideal for tiles and parquet flooring Vacuum cups fix the device onto the plain floor Built-in Levels assist the alignment It enables you to inlay tiles … Read More

Distance meter LASER METER 50 PS 7550
Laser Meter 50 PS 7550

Distance meter Laser Meter 50 PS 7550 Measures distances up to 50 m precisely with laser. Calculates distance, area and volume. Excellent handling with large Buttons and clear display. By indirect distance measurement inaccessible areas can also be measured. Ideal … Read More

Distance meter QUADRO PS

Distance meter QUADRO PS 7350 Measures distances with ultrasound and laser pointer in two directions at once. Calculator function for surface areas and volumes. Effective measuring range: One-sided measurement: 0,5 – 16m; Bidirectional measurement: 1 – 32m Max. measuring distance: … Read More

Detector LOCATE M PS 7300

Multifunction detector LOCATE M PS 7300 Detects metal pipes, electricity cables, stud frame walls (joists/cavities), with visual and acoustic signal. Automatic calibration. Typical measuring depths:  Wooden beams of 30 x 30 mm <= 30mm Metal pipe of ø 20 mm: … Read More

Detector LOCATE S PS 7320

Multifunction detector LOCATE S PS 7320 Permits safe drilling,detects metal pipes, electric cables, checks light bulbs, fuses and batteries. Sensitivity manually adjustable. Metal sensor: for metal objects with a diameter of 20 mm Max. detection depth: 30mm Alternating current voltage: … Read More

Temperature gun ENERGY PS 7420

Temperature gun ENERGY PS 7420 Uses infrared and laser pointer to measure e.g. heat leaks in homes, operating temperatures or the Output of air-conditioning units from a distance.. Measurement range: -20°C to 330°C ( 0°F to 626°F) Accuracy: 0°C to 180°C: +/- … Read More

Tyre pressure gauge TYRE PS 7470
TYRE PS 7470

Tyre pressure gauge TYRE PS 7470 With tread depth gauge. Device for digital measurement of tyre pressure for cars and bicycles. With flashlight function and adapter for French valves. Measurement range: 0 – 14 bar Accuracy: +/- 1 % Pressure … Read More

Digital hand balance TARA PS 7600
TARA PS 7600

Digital hand Balance TARA PS 7600 Precise determination of the weight of your luggage, parcels, etc.. With Tare-function for step by step weighing. Very convenient when travelling. This handy luggage Balance is easy to use. It weights 180 g including … Read More

Digital caliper PRECISE PS

Digital caliper PRECISE PS 7215 Offers a convenient and easy way of measuring the finest tolerances. With ZERO / ABS function for the adjustment of a relative zero Point. Readings can also be displayed in Inches. Measuring accuracy: 0.01 mm … Read More