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Radio Socket Plug 2141


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Burglary protection: Radio socket plug 2141 controls lamp and television

BURGprotect Plug 2142 Übersicht

It may seem a simple solution but an excellent deterrent against burglers is just to pretend to be home! Turn lights on and off, run the TV or turn on the radio – all at irregular intervals. And it measures power consumption. This can be all automated with the Plug 2141 socket from the BURGprotect smart home series.

WLAN socket with up to the minute switching times

The Plug 2141 radio-controlled socket can be connected to your Smart Home System in just a few seconds. Simply scan the printed QR code with the free BURGprotect app, the WLAN socket is now registered in the system. App operation is extremely easy: at the push of a button you can activate or daeactivate the radio-controlled socket. Furthermore, with the BURGprotect app you can create a minute-by-minute schematics for every Plug 2141 used. Sockets can be programmed to activate at different times each day of the week to ensure there are no obvious operating patterns.

Do the children watch TV secretly? The Plug 2141 shows it

In addition, the Smart Home socket can be used monitor plug usage, for example whether children have secretly switched on the TV or the game console. The Plug 2141 can be activated manually by pressing a button on the front of the unit, it is indicated in the BURGprotect app. The WLAN socket can also be operated without installing it in the BURGprotect smart home system.

The wireless socket plug 2141 at a glance

  • Ideal for scenario control
  • Switchable manually or by radio
  • For sockets according to EU standard
  • Circuit up to 2300 watts
  • Measures power consumption
  • Compatible with the entire BURGprotect series


Power Supply USB 5V 1A
Backup Batteries 3x AA LR6
Transmission Frequency 433.05 – 434.79 MHz
Max. Transmitting Power <10 mW
Max. Range up to 50 meters* indoors
Standby Power Consumption 20 μA
Alarm Power Consumption <350 mA
Siren Volume 80 dB at 30 cm distance
Temperature Range -10 C bis 40 C°
Air Humidity 90% rh (non-condensing)
Manipulation Protection Tamper Switch
Light & Tone Settings Yes
Battery Standby Time 18 Months
Enclosure Material PC+ABS
System Status Indicator Yes
Weight 115,0 g (without Batteries); 184,0 g (mit Batteries)
Dimensions (L×B×H) 108 × 86 × 28 mm
Distance between mounting screws 70 mm

*Varies greatly depending on environmental factors