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Smoke detector Smoke 2050


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A smoke detector can save lives

In the event of a house fire early warning is imperative in order to escape the property. A smoke detector is now mandatory in all 16 German federal states. A standard smoke detector offers early warning of fire to those within the home but what happens when the house is vacated? Raising the alarm early can greatly reduce the potential damage fire causes. The smoke detector Smoke 2050 from BURG-WÄCHTER warns the household when smoke is detected with a loud 85 decibel alarm and also immediately sends a notification to the users smartphone. This ensures users are notified of potential fires even when they are not in the property.

Smoke 2050 integrated into the Smart Home network or as a standalone device

The Smoke 2050 can be added to BURGprotect smart home in seconds – simply scan the printed QR code with the BURGprotect app. The smoke detector is now paired to the base and ready for use. The unit is powered by an included 9-volt battery with low battery warning – a notification will be sent to the users smartphone if paired with the base station. Battery is changed by a simple turn of the housing bottom. Please note: During installation, a minimum distance of 50 centimetres from the nearest wall must be maintained.

Safety plus according to DIN specification

You can connect more than 200 sensors in the BURGprotect series to the Smart Home Base 2200, therefore a smoke detector in every room of the home is possible. The Smoke 2050 also operates as a stand-alone device even when not connected to the base unit. Remember a charged battery must be inserted to operate the Smoke 2050 smoke detector.


Smoke Detector Smoke 2050 at a glance

  • Alarm in case of heavy smoke
  • Alarm signal up to 85 dB
  • Usable as a stand-alone device
  • Low battery message
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with the entire BURGprotect series
  • Batteries included


Operating voltage DC 9 Vdc
Max. power input 1x 6F22/6LR61 (9 V)
Max. operating current < 20 mA
Max. standby < 100 μA
Max. volume > 85 dB/ 3m
Max. range outside 200 m*
Max. range inside 50 m*
Transmission frequency 433,92 MHz
Working temperature -10 °C bis 40 °C
Weight 134,5 g (incl. battery)
Dimensions 107 x 34 mm
(Ø x D)

*Varies greatly depending on environmental factors