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Everything at a glance: The free BURGprotectTM

Simple and smart: With the BURGprotectTM app, you can conveniently connect all the sensors of the BURGprotectTM Smart Home system made by BURG-WÄCHTER to the Base 2200 control unit. Of course, the app is available free of charge in the respective store for Android and iOS. During the development of the app, the intuitive and user-friendly operation was paramount. With the help of the BURGprotectTM app, you can manage the various sensors in a clear and simple way – regardless of whether you want to install 5, 50 or 500 components such as the motion detector Motion 2010, the smoke detector Smoke 2050 or the radio-controlled socket Plug 2140.

Setup assistance and secure 256-bit encryption

When setting up, the BURGprotectTM App Setup Assistant will assist you. The transfer of data from the app to the system is done with a 256-bit encryption, so your data cannot be read by others. For notifications, e.g. in the event of an alarm or if a sensor is outside the maximum range, the system informs you conveniently via push notification.

BURGprotectTM app controls the radio-controlled socket Plug 2140

No matter where you are, unlock the alarm with the app or turn it on. False alarms are prevented with the Coming Home and Leaving Home functions. This is a time delay from and the sensors will switch to monitoring mode. In addition, the scenario control of the WLAN plug-in Plug 2140 deters intruders. For example, lamps and TV sets are turned on and off as if you were at home.

Smoke detector 2050 and watermelder Water 2060 are active around the clock

Self-defined areas of your home remain armed even when you are present with the Home function. For example, the corresponding sensors monitor your garage and / or your patio. Of course, the smoke alarm Smoke 2050 and the water alarm Water 2060 warn of a possible elemental damage around the clock. After all, you want to know immediately when the oven is smoking or the washing machine is overflowing in the basement!

Free download of the BURGprotectTM app

The BURGprotectTM App from BURG-WÄCHTER is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires iOS 8.0 or later, or Android versions 4.1 or later.