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Vibrations-Detector Vibrancy 2020


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Smart Home Sensor reports suspicious vibrations and shocks

Shock waves and vibrations are typically produced when a burglar tries to pry open a window or door. The vibration detector Vibrancy 2020 recognizes these and triggers an alarm before potential theives have even entered the property. As soon as the BURGprotectTM vibration detector registers the vibrations an alarm signal of up to 100 decibels will sounds via the Smart Home Central Base 2200 siren.

BURGprotect app registers Vibrancy 2020 in seconds

All sensors in the BURGprotectTM series are connected to the Base 2200. Connecting a sensor is easy – just scan the printed QR code via the BURGprotectTM app. Vibrancy 2020 is now connected and operational. The BURGprotectTM app is free to download via the iOS and Android app stores. In the event a sensor is activated an alarm is triggered and the app will send a push message to the smartphone notifying the user.

Mounting without screws on windows, doors, jewelry boxes

In addition to door and window monitoring, Vibrancy 2020 can still be used in many other locations. For example, the sensor can be attached to a cashbox, safe or jewelry box. If these are moved, the Smart Home Alarm System will report it immediately. The handy vibration detector weighs only 32 grams (including supplied battery). The Vibrancy 2020 is mounted via strong self-adhesive pads with no drilling and screws required.

Vibration sensor offers installation flexibility thanks to a range of up to 50 metres

BURGprotectTM smart home sensors have a wireless operating range of up to 50 metres offering flexibility with placement around the home. In addtion a long battery life means the battery rarely has to be changed, and when it does, a notification will be sent to your smartphone.

Vibration sensor Vibrancy 2020 at a glance

  • Alarm notification in case of vibration
  • Versatile use (furniture, safes, window panes, showcases etc.)
  • Low battery message
  • No screwing or drilling necessary
  • Compatible with the entire BURGprotect series
  • Battery included


Operating voltage DC 1,5 V
Max. power input 1 x R2032
Max. operating current 55~65 mA
Max. standby 9,5~11 μA
Max. range outside 200 m*
Max. range inside 50 m*
Transmission frequency 433,92 MHz
Working temperature -10 °C bis 40 °C
Weight 32 g (inkl. battery)
Dimensions 80 x 38 x 13 mm (H x W x D)

*Varies greatly depending on environmental factors