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Ranger 1/8 Gun Safe – Key Lock


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Ranger Gun Safe with resistance grade I

Ranger gun cabinets are suitable for the secure storage of guns and rifles and far exceed the strict UK government guidelines for the storage of arms. Quality German engineering ensures high standards of security including a heavy all steel construction that is independently tested and certified. All locking options are independently certified by ECB.S and VdS tested.

Gun cabinet Ranger 1/8 at a glance:

  • Resistance grade I (protected against £10,000 cash/£100,000 valuables)
  • Protection against burglary and fire according to EN 1143-1
  • Clear height with inserted shelf: 1241 mm
  • Body and door double-walled
  • Solid three-sided locking through round bolts of 28mm diameter
  • Clear height up to the inserted shelf of 1220mm
  • Additional round bolts on the hinge side
  • Prepared for floor fixing with fixings included
  • ECB·S/VdSBDS tested and certified by ECBs
  • Capacity: Holds up to eight long guns, including ammunition
  • Weight: 265 kg
  • Volume: 246 ltr
  • A non-resettable emergency locking system is built into the door mechanics providing another layer of security
  • Holder for cleaning rod and storage compartments on the inside of the door

ECB•S certified: Re-settable high security lock

The keyed variant of the Ranger 1/8 is equipped with a resettable, armoured high security double-bit lock, called ‘SecuSafe’. It is ECB•S certified (according to EN 1300, class 2) and VdS tested.
Your advantage: In the case of a key loss, the lock is immediately re-settable with the help of a separately available set of keys and can be switched to a new key.
It further offers ten levers and 50 million key differs. Another security feature is the key retaining mechanism: The key can only be removed when the safe has been locked correctly.

Article Gun Capacity Exterior H x W x D (mm) Interior H x W x D (mm) Weight (kg)
Ranger I/8 E 8 1486 x 641 x 554 1336 x 498 x 370 265


Additional information

Weight 265 kg
Dimensions 148,6 × 64,1 × 55,4 cm

How to change the lock