Why Should I Buy A Safe?

If you are considering investing in a safe here we list our main reasons to take the plunge! A safe is useful is many ways including:

  • A safe is a last line of defence

Should a burglar gain entry into your home, a safe is your last line of defence against them stealing your valuables!

  • Protection against fire and the elements

A safe will protect against water damage and the elements. Some safes are fire rated to EN 15659 or EN 1047-1 and most others have fire protective qualities, keeping your valuables safe even in the worst environments. Fire ratings are given based on an independent test for the protection of paper against a fire. Safes with fire resistance that meets the strict European fire rating EN 15659 LFS 30P are heated for 30 minutes to 842°C. During this time the internal temperature may not rise above 170° C, which means they are suitable for safely protecting paper in the event of fire.

  • Storing important documents

A perfect and secure place to store insurance documents, birth certificates, passports, a will and even the deeds to you home

  • Securing family heirlooms

An ideal space to keep items that just aren’t replaceable. Keeping them safe for generations to come

  • Storing jewellery and cash

As mentioned above, should a would be thief gain entry to your home, make it a wasted effort by locking your jewellery and cash safely away from their grasp

  • Safely storing guns, ammunition & weapons

Whether you have an air rifle, a gun for sport or martial arts weapons, it is a legal requirement to store them away securely

  • Securing keys or medication

Should you have someone in the household who is perhaps unable to administer medication themselves or who has dementia, keeping them safe is priority. Preventing them from gaining access to medication and an unsafe area is sometimes difficult to achieve, this is when a safe is an ideal solution

There are many more! We know that buying a safe can be a daunting experience and isn’t an expense to take lightly. If you would like to view our safe buying guide please click here.

Or if you have any questions at all our team of specialists are here to help! Please feel free to contact us:

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