Aldwick & Pagham Sea Scouts Annual Firework Display

On Saturday 9th November, sparks will fly, flames curl and explosions resound as the sky over the Aldwick & Pagham Scout Hut lights up with a full complement of fireworks.  The annual bonfire night party is one of the most popular firework displays in the area, and this year it is playing an important part in the local Sea Scouts’ fund-raising activities.  It is being supported by the Burg-WächterSecure Communities Scheme.

The aim of the evening is to raise money to buy new bell tents and to assist the Sea Scouts in their Dragon Challenge.  The funds will also enable participants try out new activities they might not normally experience, from camping out under the starts to spending a night on HMS Belfast.

The annual firework display is immensely popular locally and the organisers hope to ensure it is the best in West Sussex.  It certainly can’t be matched for the warmth of the welcome – and the size of the bonfire!

Organiser Paul Goodland commented.  “We’re proud to be putting on a professionally planned firework display that will really light up the local area!  Everyone is working flat out to ensure it will be a brilliant occasion with food, hot drinks, popcorn and a raffle to help us with our fund-raising.”

The event is supported by the Secure Communities Scheme with an award of £500 and a Security Kit to help keep the planned Scout Hut safe and secure.  Burg-Wächter is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of safes, post-boxes and security products.  Its Secure Communities Scheme aims to support community activities which bring people together and provide benefits to the locality. Mark Pearson from Burg-Wächter comments: “A strong local community helps people feels safe as individuals, which is what we aim to achieve as a business. This firework display is an important community event that brings people together in a positive fashion. We are delighted to be able to support the Sea Scouts in this venture”.

Jake Shoebridge explains “The Secure Communities Scheme offers a very practical and useful award that really lights up our fund raising.  We are very grateful to Burg-Wächter for its support”.

Seeking new community projects to support in West Sussex.

The Secure Communities Scheme is to be launched across West Sussex from November and is seeking new projects to support.  The criteria are simple:  that the project is organised by and benefits the local community.   A fund of up to £1000 a month is available and awards are made based on the potential for positive local impact.  Priority is given to applications of £500 or under.  In addition, successful applicants also benefit from security advice in relation to their project or activity including up to £150 worth of free product.

Besides festivals, fetes and firework displays, the Secure Communities Scheme is open to communities undertaking maintenance or refurbishment projects relating to property or open spaces.  This could involve allotments, common areas, village halls, sports fields or activity centres.  Community events and activities are also eligible and applications are welcome in support of activities such as breakfast clubs or food banks and from organisations from youth groups and sports clubs to arts organisations.

Mark Pearson from Burg-Wächter concludes: “We are known for our safes and post-boxes alongside our extensive range of locking products.  We regularly receive requests for products to support charitable and community causes.  The Secure Communities Scheme enables us to formalise and scale up our charitable and community support, so that it reaches a wider audience.  We hope that this event will be the spring-board for more applications from across West Sussex”.

More information on the awards can be found at www.burgbiz/uk. More information on the Firework display can be found on the Aldwick & Pagham Faceboom page