Luxury Safes – Bespoke commercial grade safes, for your home

Safes that are as individual as their owner

A safe is your last of defence against burglary. When intruders strike, with each passing second, they risk being caught, that is why delaying them as much as possible is the best form of security. Our safes our literally impossible to manipulate, keeping what you hold dear safe.  Depending on the model and rating, fire protection is also included as we know that not everything that is important to you can be replaced. If you like the idea of a safe but they are not quite your style, our Royal safes may be the right choice for you.

Royal safes can be as individual as their owner. Options to customise include –

  • Choice of locks (key, electronic combination and finger scan)
  • Four sizes available
  • Bespoke colours (approximately 1,625 options)
  • Tailored interior (shelving, lights, drawers, all handmade in the UK)
  • Security grading
  • Anything else you desire – a bespoke solution can be developed to meet most requirements
  • Other finishes and designs are available including custom vinyl graphics, branding, and luxurious pearlescent. Metallic or matte paint finishes.

All Royal safes are commercial grade with insurance approved storage for up to £100,000 cash and £1,000,000 valuables.

Although your safe may look impressive and luxurious, with Burg-Wächter we never compromise for quality and security. Your finished bespoke safe will remain certified to the internationally recognised EN1143-1 standard – verified by independent testing. So your safe can not only look beautiful and provide convenient, secure storage, but it will also hold the highest UK insurance standards.

Security features include –

  • Meets EN1443-1 standard
  • Triple-walled body
  • 3-sided locking by three strong bolts
  • Armoured bolt system
  • All over gripping bar on the hinge side
  • Locking mechanism with special protection against penetration
  • DIN 4102 Fire protective material
  • Available in security grades from 1 (£10,000 & £100,000 valuables) to 5 (£100,000 cash and £1,000,000 valuables.

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For those who don’t need a high cash value rated safe we also offer the Karat and Diplomat ranges, both that can also be personalised to any extent.

Diplomat features boast –

  • 60 min fire protection
  • Grade 1 rated (£10,000 cash & £100,000 valuables)
  • Stainless steel outer body (enhanced drill protection)
  • Meets EN1443-1 standard
  • 4 size options
  • Choice of locks



Karat features include –

  • Anti-drilling thermal activated emergency lock
  • Meets EN1443-1 standard
  • Additional lock painting for lock protection
  • Grade 0 rated (£6,000 cash & £60,000 valuables)





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Some things can not be bought and are irreplaceable. Sentimental items, heirlooms, jewellery and photos can all be secured safely in your bespoke luxury safe.  Get the best and let Burg Watcher watch over your castle – your home.

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