Get back on your bike this Spring

Winter has officially ended, and Spring is finally here. For many, this will be the time to get the bikes back out of the shed after being locked away for the colder months. If you are thinking about getting back on your bike for the new season, make sure that you have considered keeping it secure.

Did you know that over 376,000 bikes are stolen each year? That is nearly one every 90 seconds. More than half of these thefts occur around the home, mostly in gardens or pathways. With the average cost of a mountain bike being around £100, it is worth investing in its security.

The Sterling range of bike locks includes:


Locking cables –

  • Protective keyhole cover
  • Snap locking action on a key operated and integrated lock
  • Braided steel security cable for increased strength and flexibility
  • Self-coiling for easy storage
  • Includes an easy fit mounting bracket
  • Weather resistant vinyl coating
  • Scratch resistant coating (Would be a suitable option for securing bikes to poles, railings and storage areas)


Combination cables –

  • Integrated lock
  • Self-coiling for easy storage
  • LED push light on select models
  • Re settable combination
  • Easy fit mounting bracket
  • If you are worried about losing your key, you no longer need on


Heavy Duty U-Lock –

  • Double bolted mechanism
  • Case hardened steel shackle and body
  • Protective rotating keyhole cover
  • Weather resistant



D-Lock (Sold Secure) –

  • Has the same attributes as the U lock but is large enough to fit through the wheel and anchor onto a post or other solid structure
  • ABS plastic cover to avoid scratching
  • Approved by the Master Locksmith Association
  • Independently tested to Sold Secure Gold
  • Double bolted mechanism



Before you begin your new biking adventure, please be aware that the more isolated the place, the greater the risk of theft. We recommend more than one locking solution. Pairing a padlock or D lock with a security cable allows for the cable to be placed through both wheels and the frame – protecting all bicycle components.

Remember to also secure your accessories as these are also susceptible to theft. If you are leaving your bike in a shed or garage, always make sure that the area is locked and secure. Sterling’s range also include garage locks, hasps and padlocks along with a host of other products to keep you safe this Spring. For more information please click here.

If you are dusting off your wheels let Burg-Wächter help you get ready to get back out there this Spring!