Keeping your property safe this holiday season

When you go away for your summer holiday do you – lock up your house, shut the windows, secure the garden and lock your gate? Why do all this but still leave your property open for the postman? Keep your perimeters closed and get a Burg-Wächter post box.

With a huge range of styles and colours, there is sure to be at least one to complement your property. Designed to pair with composite doors and with a large selection of choices, find your perfect match today. All Burg-Wächter post boxes include a 2 year guarantee and all the fittings and accessories needed to self-install, simply and easily.

If you would like to keep your post box inside of your property for extra security, we also offer a range of rear opening post boxes (Contemporary, Leipzig & Forth). Looking for something larger? We also offer the Gate and Railing box, along with a Parcel Box large enough to store your packages safely.

For added peace of mind whilst away on your travels have you considered the BURGProtect ™ smart home alarm system? The innovative product combines protection against burglary, water and fire damage into one easy to install system. During development, emphasis was placed on ease of installation and operation, allowing any home to be protected in a few easy steps. If you have a smartphone and a internet connection, then you are fully equipped for BURGProtect. This wireless alarm system offers next generation technology with an easy to install and navigate security system for your home. Setup and controlled using the free BURGProtect app (available on Apple and Android) which offers the convenience of remote access and will notify you of any potential issues.

Also available is BURGCam, this works using the same system as, and to complement and run alongside BURGProtect. Keeping a watchful eye on your property has never been so simple. Easy to install and use, BURGcam is the solution you have been waiting for. An affordable system that can be used inside or outside to protect in and around your home.

Features include:

  • Quickly and easily self-installed
  • Super HD 2K resolution*
  • Face detection/video analytics
  • Option to pair up to 6 cameras with a network recorder
  • Can be used internally or externally for both residential or commercial use
  • A choice of zoom, dome, bullet and indoor cameras
  • Pan, tilt & zoom functionality available on the Zoom camera
  • All cameras are practically and conveniently controllable via WLAN or LAN (WiFi)
  • Ability to record directly onto an SD card and use as standalone units

*BURGcam Zoom 3060 has 1080p full HD resolution.

With the BURGProtect/BURGCam app you can:

  • View cameras remotely
  • Watch real-time monitoring
  • View using either a smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Two-way audio communication with indoor camera
  • Receive notifications and alerts, providing you with additional peace of mind
  • With over 100 years in the security industry, Burg-Wächter is well known for quality and innovative security solutions.

If you would like any more information click here or to download our brochure click here.

Don’t let security concerns ruin your break this summer, get the best and let Burg Wächter watch over your castle – your home.

If you would like any more information or advice, please call us on Tel: 01274 854333.