Keeping you safe this Summer

Finally, the warm weather has arrived, and BBQ season is upon us. Whilst you are clearing up the garden, dusting down the grill and preparing for your guests, now is a good time to consider your outdoor security.

Burg-Wächter offer a wide range of products that are ideal for this time of year. Why not use a ground anchor, security chain and padlock to secure your BBQ or patio furniture? Is your gate secure? A combination bolt or a new hasp and staple may be needed to keep your property safe.

Bikes can be locked away with our wide range of security cables or stored safely in the garage with our huge range of padlocks, bolts and garage door handles. Ropes and chains are also available for use with hanging baskets and fencing off areas etc.

When you are out and about back in the garden, please take a quick glance at your current security. Regular maintenance and checks will be needed to keep your security in tip-top condition. Replace rusted padlocks, worn hasps and staples and keep your garden safe this Summer.

Having a clear out, performing some DIY or going away? We also provide a large range of items such as ratchet straps for boats, webbing straps for car racks and bungee cords for those trips to the recycling centre.

Burg-Wächter is the ultimate one stop shop for all of your security needs.

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Here is a list of our top Summer Security tips for keeping your home safe this season:

Social media –

  • Make sure your social media profiles are set as private and can only be viewed by friends, as ‘checking in’ or broadcasting your holiday photos and updates on public sites can be risky. You may be openly declaring that your house is empty
  • Try not to tell your detailed holiday plans on social media; you could potentially be informing burglars that nobody will be home

Lock up, keep thieves out –

  • It’s great to open your patio doors when it’s hot but take care that intruders can’t access the garden and sneak in through the back door – a combination locking bolt is ideal for securing back gates
  • Consider installing DoorMinder, 3 star anti-snap, British Kitemarked Euro cylinder locks to give your home extra protection when on holiday
  • Avoid leaving downstairs windows open after you go to bed or overnight, as according to The Home Office, 56% of burglaries take place during the evening
  • During the day be careful not to leave windows open and unattended, especially at ground floor level. Break ins via an unlocked door or window account for 30% of burglaries. Make sure you lock up, even when you are at home
  • Keep sheds and garages locked. Not only could items be stolen, burglars could also use your tools and ladders to then unfortunately then break into your home
  • If you are out enjoying the garden, please make sure your front door is locked and that any ground floor windows are secure. Opportunists only need a minute to do their dirty work. An intruder could be in and out without you even noticing
  • Never leave valuables like laptops, iPads, handbags or wallets within reach of open windows, cat flaps or letterboxes, as it only takes seconds for a burglar to reach in and grab something or you can lock them away in a Burg-Wächter safe
  • Always pack away tools after a day tending to your garden or doing some DIY and make sure they’re locked away and out of reach. Easy-to-grab tools are exactly the sort of things burglars look for to gain entry to a property
  • Being burgled via an insecure door or window could potentially invalidate your insurance so make sure they are locked
  • Lock up valuables in a safe when you go away so even if someone accessed the property, they would not be able to take them
  • If you’re off on holiday, leave a set of keys with someone you trust so they can keep an eye on your home while you’re away. Always avoid leaving any spares in clichéd hiding places around your house and garden; thieves know where to look, lock them in a safe or one of our SafeCans
  • Cancel regular deliveries such as newspapers, milk etc when away. Items building up make it obvious nobody is home
  • Don’t leave notes for the milkman/postman that you’re not home. Burglars can also read!
  • Consider a Burg-Wächter post box to prevent thieves viewing your mail piling up and to allow you to close up your gate as the post man will no longer need to access the front door

Security Alarm –

  • Always set your burglar alarm when you go out even if just for a few hours. Failure to do so could invalidate insurance
  • Burglar alarm not working? Get it in full working order with a service before going away on holiday
  • Some burglar alarms can be linked to a camera system so you can check in visually if the alarm is triggered when away such as BurgProtect and BurgCam, it can be set up to text you if the alarm is triggered giving you piece of mind whilst away.

Anything else – 

  • Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your home when on holiday. Obvious activity will deter a would-be intruder
  • Join or start a Neighbourhood Watch group to maintain security in the community
  • Consider a trusted house sitter when on holiday. An occupied house is much less likely to be broken into
  • Look out for odd chalk marks around your property; they could indicate your home is being targeted for a break in
  • Dogs can be targeted for theft. Make sure they’re secure when out in the garden
  • Keep a few lights on in the evenings using timer switches, but avoid pulling all your curtains or blinds before you’re heading off for a weekend or on holiday, as this can indicate no-one is home – especially in summer when the days are longer.
  • Lastly make sure you have contents insurance in place, so that you’re protected should you find yourself a victim of summer burglary

Between 15 – 20% of burglaries are estimated to be opportunistic – so simple protection will decrease that threat considerably

Relax, don’t give security a second thought this Summer, get the best and let Burg Watcher watch over your castle – your home.

If you would like any more information or advice, please call us on Tel: 01274 854333.