Maintaining Your Padlocks

Burg-Wächter padlocks are designed and built for reliability and convenience with minimal maintenance required. Proud to be German engineered, our padlocks are guaranteed for at least 2 years and with a little bit of care they will offer many years of dependable security.

Over time, dirt, rain, sand and other pollutants can penetrate and shorten the life of the lock. Any particles that enter the inside components of the padlock are at risk of sticking and making the mechanism stiff.

Prevent this with a quick and regular maintenance roughly every 6 months. Regular lubrication will also help minimise freezing in the colder season.

  1. Clean the entrance of the lock if there is any visible residue
  2. A blast of compressed air from a can (readily available for keyboard/office cleaning) will blow any dust or debris out of the lock
  3. Lubricate the lock with powdered graphite or light spray oil (WD40 or equivalent). Steel products and components will show sign of corrosion / rust over time. This is normal and by following the maintenance instructions on a regular basis will keep the lock functioning.
  4. Allow lubricant to drain into the lock. Laying the lock on its side and turning it over after a minute or so will distribute the lubricant inside the lock and loosen any frozen or sticking parts.
  5. Lastly open and close the lock several times to finish distributing the lubricant. Wipe excess off the lock, shackle and key. Once dry, the lock is ready to be put back into use for another season.

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