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Laptop PointSafe – Electronic Combination Finger Scan Lock


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Compact and secure protection with PointSafe

Laptop PointSafe offers a good level of security with a solid single walled steel body and a doubled walled door that helps to protect the valuable content inside in the event of attack. Large motorised round locking bolts operate automatically when a correct code is entered. The electronic combination lock can be programmed to any three to six digit user code and even features a hotel mode that allows guests to programme their own code for added security. Ideal for storing laptops, tablets, files, cash, jewellery and other smaller valuables such as passports and documents.

Thoroughly tested, Point Safe protects your valuables whilst away. The solid, one-walled body and compact design can easily be installed in cupboards and desks etc. great for when only limited space is provided.

PointSafe at a glance

  • Tested thoroughly in house
  • Solid single-walled body and double walled door
  • Electronic combination lock with self-programmable general and user codes
  • Insurance rating: £1,000 cash and £10,000 valuables
  • Batteries supplied (4 x AA) – no external power supply needed
  • Hotel mode applied
  • Compact and secure
  • In a case of emergency, the PointSafe is also provided with an additional key lock if you need to open the safe quickly
  • Smooth motor powered lock automatically opens the door
  • Prepared for wall fixing, fixings included
  • Can be installed in cupboards, desks, wardrobes etc.
  • With self-programmable electronic combination lock
  • External dimensions H x W x D: 200 x 445 x 380 mm
  • Internal dimensions H x W x D: 196 x 441 x 323 mm
  • Door opening H x W: 140 x 380 mm
  • Weight: 15.2 kg
  • Volume: 27.9 ltr

The ideal hotel safe

  • Additionally provided with an emergency key lock and two keyed alike keys for quick access and override
  • For the hotel manager, a master code for all safes can be used  – this is individually programmable
  • For guests, an easy to understand instruction manual is provided

Please note that the lock armature protrudes 15mm.

Finger scan technology: Easy and convenient

The Laptop PointSafe can be accessed using the electronic combination lock or with the integrated finger scan module –  both convenient simple to use and secure. Combination code and the fingerprints stored can be changed at any time. Due to the smooth motor powered locking mechanism the door automatically opens. The electronic door lock is battery-driven and therefore does not need any other power source. Four batteries are inclusive so that you can put your safe into operation immediately. Additionally provided with an emergency key lock and two keyed alike keys for quick access and override should it be required.

Additional information

Weight 15,2 kg
Dimensions 20,0 × 44,5 × 38,0 cm