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Spare cam-locks


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Spare cam-locks

ZBK: Replacement cylinders for letter boxes of different brands.

Art.-No. for brand Key blank – No.
ZBK 70 JU 35W
ZBK 71 Renz (until 2006), Dacyeux u.a 34W
ZBK 72 Rombi, Knobloch 34W
ZBK 73 Brabantia (sheet metal) 34W
ZBK 74 Brabantia (plastic) 34W
ZBK 75 Renz, ME-FA (as from 2006) 34W
BK 92 K SB Letter boxes made of stainless steel 65R
BK 92 K SB letter boxes made of plastic or casted models 65R
BK 92 Point SB for Point letter boxes 40W L/R

Maßzeichnung/Scale drawing

ZBK 74

ZBK 73

ZBK 72

ZBK 71

ZBK 70

BK 92 K

BK 92 M