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WinSafe WX 4: Convenient handling and especially high protection against breaking

With this protection applied on your window, you guarantee a maximum resistance against forceful leverage attempts – the WinSafe WX 4 window protection successfully passed a pressure test with 600 kg.
Next to the extremely high leverage protection, the mechanical window security offers a more than convenient handling.

The window protection WinSafe WX 4 got the grade GUT (1.8) in the German quality test of Stiftung Warentest (magazine number 5/2014).

High locking comfort

For this window protection, you do not need any keys. With a regular closing of the window, the WinSafe WX 4 locks automatically. There is no need for checking: After closing it, your window or French window is always optimally locked and secured.
For a convenient opening, you only need to push the button on top of the WX 4 module.

Security tip: When mounting on balcony doors, please regard that due to the automatic locking mechanism, it can be possible to lock yourself out by mistake.

Extremely sturdy construction

The claw bolts on the inside are made of hardened steel and provide a secure and sturdy snapping-in when closing the window. Furthermore, this window protection is tested and approved by the VdS.

Available in the colours white and brown, this simple WinSafe design optically adjusts to every window or balcony door.

Easy self-assembly

With the standardly attached professional drilling template, the assembly is quick and easy.
This mechanical window protection is flexibly usable: A mounting on all four sides of inwardly opening windows and doors is possible. The height difference between wing and frame can be up to 23 mm. With the included plates for placing underneath, you can optimally adjust the WinSafe WX 4 to your window or door.
Note for mounting on the hinge side: The opening angle now is 95°.

Trust the WinSafe WX 4 window protection from BURG-WÄCHTER – Always the safe choice!

The WinSafe WX 4 from BURG-WÄCHTER

High protection against breaking-in

  • Extremely solid
  • Claw bolts of hardened steel
  • Very high resistance against leverage,
    tested pressure load: 600 kg
  • With secure hinge function

Practical operation

  • Coles the window – it is automatically protected
  • Comfortable single-hand opening operation without key
  • For all inward opening windows
  • Can be fit on all 4 window sides
  • 95° opening angle for the assembly on the hinge side!
  • Easy assembly with the attached professional drilling template
  • Available colours: White and brown


Article Colours
WX 4 W SB White
WX 4 BR SB Brown-grey