BlockSafe B1


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Flexibly usable: The massive BlockSafe B1 lock for your windows and doors

This sturdy window protection out of the BlockSafe series from BURG-WÄCHTER provides a reliable security for your windows and further ideally retrofits your doors as well.

VdS approved, massive construction

The casing of the window protection is made of sturdy cast and is VdS tested and approved. With the help of the massive steel bolt and the precise guiding of it, opening and closing is not only especially secure but also extremely convenient.
Due to the massive steel material of the bolt and its deep insertion, a very high protection against shearing-off of the bolt and against leverage is guaranteed.
The cylinder lock latches precisely and conveniently.

Practical feature: On a purchase of multiple BlockSafe protections (B1 and BS 2), it is possible to get them in a keyed alike version. That way, you can lock and open all your BlockSafe units with only one key!

Flexibly usable

The massive window lock module is applicable to right and left, as well as to inward and outward opening windows. The BlockSafe B1 is not only suitable for retrofitting your windows – your doors too can optimally be secured with this protection.

For the individual adjustment to your windows and doors, this BlockSafe module is available in the colours white and brown.

At a glance: The BlockSafe B1 for your windows and doors

  • Massive window lock
  • Also as extra protection for doors
  • Solid steel bolt
  • Massive cast housing
  • Precise bolt guide
  • Deep bolt insertion
  • High protection against leverage
  • High precision cylinder
  • On request, available in a keyed alike version
  • Available colours: White and brown



Article Colours
B1 W SB White
B1 BR SB Brown
B1 W Z1 GL White
B1 BR Z1 GL Brown