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WinSafe WD 3: The window security with two solid bolts

Easy assembly, huge effect: With the window security WinSafe WD 3 from BURG-WÄCHTER, you upgrade your home effectively against burglary. The two solid bolts provide high resistance and flexible usage.

Double bolts – double protection

The case is made of sturdy zinc die-cast and reliably secures your windows with two swivelling bolts. Both bolts are applicable for both sides of the window: You can pivot both to the right, as well as to the left. You decide, whether you want to secure two windows at the same time, or one twofold.
The double security of a one-winged window with the WinSafe WD 3 is VdS tested and approved.
The swivelling bolts snap in automatically and thus offer a high locking comfort.

The WinSafe WD 3 module is equipped with a cylinder lock for an ideal interlocking.
Convenient: On request, when acquiring several WD 3 units, you can choose a keyed alike lock. That way, you only need one key for all your WinSafe WD 3 modules and minimize the risk of a key loss.

Available in the colours white and grey-brown, the simple design adjust itself ideally to every window.

Easy self-retrofit

All WinSafe securities from BURG-WÄCHTER are quick and easy to install. For the assembly of the WinSafe WD 3 you merely need to drill small holes into the window frame, the wings of the window stay unharmed.

Always the safe choice: With the high-quality WinSafe series from BURG-WÄCHTER!

At a glance: Window security WinSafe WD 3

  • Solid bolts secure the window frame
  • Usable for left or right opening windows
  • Assembly only onto the frame,
    no damage of the window leaf
  • High locking comfort
  • Automatically engaging bolts
  • Colours: white and grey-brown


Article Colours
WD 3 W SB White
WD 3 BR SB Grey-brown
WD 3 W Z1 keyed alike White
WD 3 BR Z1 keyed alike Grey-brown