You can trust our mechanical door and window protections: They provide maximum safety for your home. Whether protections with single or double bolt, mounted at the handle or hinge side: Many BURG-WÄCHTER door and window protections are VdS tested and ECB•S certified. With the protections from BURG-WÄCHTER you get tested and proved security.

WinSafe WS 11
WinSafe WS 11

ECB•S certified window protection WinSafe WS 11 Often already, a good window protection has successfully stopped uninvited guests. Give burglars no chance right from the start: With the window security WinSafe WS 11, BURG-WÄCHTER helps you to retrofit your home … Read More

WinSafe WS 22
WinSafe WS 22

The window equipment WinSafe WS 22 with double bolt Double is better: The double bolt of the WinSafe WS 22 reliably secures your windows and doors two-sided. Retrofit your home now and provide a maximum resistance against burglary attempts. Convenient … Read More

WinSafe WS 33 W
WinSafe WS 33

WinSafe WS 33: ECB•S certified window protection for the handle side The ECB•S certified and VdS tested window protection WinSafe WS 33 from BURG-WÄCHTER is effortlessly self-installable and fights off burglary attempts. Ideally suitable for the retrofitting of your home. … Read More

WinSafe WS 44 W
WinSafe WS 44

The sturdy hinge-side protection WinSafe WS 44 for your windows Many burglary attempts often fail thanks to proper safety equipment. With the WinSafe WS 44 window protection, BURG-WÄCHTER helps you to optimally retrofit your home against burglary. ECB•S certified construction … Read More

WinSafe WR 60
WinSafe WR 60

Door and window bolts WinSafe WR 60 – secure and easy assembly Often, a breaking-in attempt fails not least because of good safety engineering. Protects your windows, doors, gates and much more from a forceful entering – with the convenient … Read More

WinSafe WZ 60
WinSafe WZ 60

Door and window bolt WinSafe WZ 60 with cylinder lock Often good security equipment already prevented an attempt of breaking-in. Protect your windows, doors, gates and much more reliably against a forceful entering – with the convenient WZ 60 bolts … Read More

WinSafe ZS 79
Replacement cylinder

Insertable for the WinSafe series Easy assembly and disassembly of the replacement cylinder Universally adjustable for WS 11, WS 22, WS 33, WR 60 and WZ 60 Four different lockings available Changing of the cylinder only possible in opened position … Read More

WinSafe WD 3 W
WinSafe WD3

WinSafe WD 3: The window security with two solid bolts Easy assembly, huge effect: With the window security WinSafe WD 3 from BURG-WÄCHTER, you upgrade your home effectively against burglary. The two solid bolts provide high resistance and flexible usage. … Read More

WinSafe WX 4 W
WinSafe WX 4

WinSafe WX 4: Convenient handling and especially high protection against breaking With this protection applied on your window, you guarantee a maximum resistance against forceful leverage attempts – the WinSafe WX 4 window protection successfully passed a pressure test with … Read More

Blocksafe B1
BlockSafe B1

Flexibly usable: The massive BlockSafe B1 lock for your windows and doors This sturdy window protection out of the BlockSafe series from BURG-WÄCHTER provides a reliable security for your windows and further ideally retrofits your doors as well. VdS approved, … Read More

Blocksafe BS 2
BlockSafe BS 2

The massive door and window protection BlockSafe BS 2 with gap interlock Next to a sturdy securing of your closed windows and doors, this protection offers another very convenient feature: Thanks to the innovative extra-solid bold, even half-opened windows and … Read More

MA 99 Duo

Assembly anchor MA 99 DUO Assembly anchor for all VdS approved BURG-WÄCHTER door and window locks easy assembly best leverage results on window profiles of plastic, wood or aluminium