Anglesey community groups awarded free security kits during Covid 19 lockdown

Local Amlwch community groups, Grwp Cymunedol #caruamlwch and The Copper Men’s Shed have both been awarded free security kits to help secure community equipment and premises. The awards were made during the Covid-19 lockdown and were part of an initiative by the Secure Communities Scheme to help community projects to meet the unexpected costs of securing premises during the pandemic.

Grwp Cymunedol #caruamlwch plays a key role in engaging locals in activities from a pop-up cinema to bonfire night celebrations. Organisers have kick-started a girls’ football team and raised money and donations for the local allotments, providing benches, gardening equipment and water butts. The Copper Men’s Shed has also created a mutually supportive group, based on sharing its members’ experiences and developing new skills and interests. The members meet regularly and part of this involves learning about and working on the numerous trade skills that the group possesses between them. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions both groups have had the added burden of keeping equipment and premises safe during lock down. The Secure Communities Scheme has supplied free security kits to help with locking up important equipment or to secure entrances and storage areas.

Speaking for Grwp Cymunedol #caruamlwch, Ann Tooze commented: “We’d like to say a huge thank you to Burg-Wächter for the kind donation of various types of locking equipment. It has been very useful and will help keep equipment secure and the area safer for the community.”

Ray Barrett, on behalf of the Copper Men’s Shed commented: “COPR’ Men’s Shed Amlwch was formed 2 years ago to help men of all ages.  The idea was to create a mutually supportive group based on sharing experiences and developing new skills and interests.  As the membership grew, we realised a larger ‘shed’ was needed and once part of an old ambulance station was identified, the group decided to expand into a bigger space. To keep the new ‘shed’ safe and secure, we applied to the Burg-Wächter Secure Communities Scheme for assistance. We were awarded a shed security kit, comprising padlocks, locking cables, hasp and staples and ground anchors. This helps us secure entrances to our new shed but also individually lock up the items of equipment we use. This has enabled members to feel that the shed is secured but also their environment is protected which gives peace of mind to all.”

Mark Pearson from Burg-Wächter, the company behind the Secure Communities Scheme commented: “Burg-Wächter is known for its comprehensive choice of locking products as well as an extensive range of safes and post-boxes.  We saw a rise in demand for such products during the Covid-19 lockdown.  We knew that communities would struggle to meet the unexpected cost of providing extra security during the restrictions, so we adapted our existing Secure Communities Scheme to reflect this need.  Since lockdown commenced, we have provided over 20 security kits worth £150 each to communities across the UK, with many more applications currently being processed.  We hope the Scheme’s support for these Amlwch community groups will help members feel safe and also keep equipment and premises secured.”

The Secure Communities Scheme is now seeking more applications from community projects that are still affected by the pandemic restrictions.  Any local initiative that is run by or supports the local community can apply.  Successful applicants receive a tailored security kit to help secure property, premises, equipment or storage areas to the value of £150.  Successful applications are selected dependent on their engagement with local communities, the impact of the lockdown on security requirements and the benefits that increased security can provide. Application forms for the Secure Communities Scheme can be found here:  More information on the groups can be found here – Grwp Cymunedol #caruamlwch: The Copper Men’s Shed: