Burg-Wächter ablaze at Lockex 2016!

Burg-Wächter UK left quite the impression at Lockex 2016 with an innovative stand featuring some unique displays. Lockex is an exhibition by the CV Group who publish the popular “The Locksmith” magazine aimed at the independent locksmith trade. Based at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, the event took place over two days from the 16th to the 18th of September and featured stands from the big names within the locksmith and security sector.

The Burg-Wächter stand focused on the safe ranges, including PointSafe, HomeSafe, Combi-Line, Karat and Diplomat. The stand also featured the commercial Royal safe which was painted with a custom black and white London skyline on the front and sides of the safe. Burg-Wächter’s is able to offer Karat, Diplomat and Royal safes in any RAL colour and can even apply custom graphics as shown at the show.

Diplomat Fire SafeA selection of the post box range and a new padlock display concept were also shown. The stand previewed the new secuEntry access control system that allows users to operate a door cylinder with their smartphone using Bluetooth technology. This system will be launching in the UK in the near future.

The real show-stopper on the stand however was a stunning black gloss Diplomat fire safe with a very realistic simulated flame effect. Situated on the corner of the stand by the entrance of the show, flames licking up the sides of a black safe soon got peoples attention, with many choosing to place their hands in the flames first before asking if they were real?!

Diplomat fire safes are certified to the strict European EN15659 fire certification and offer 60 minutes of fire protection for important documents and cash. The simulated flame effect not only looked eye-catching but perfectly demonstrated that Diplomat safes not only look great, but offer real protection against fire and theft.

Lockex Sterling StandSterling, a brand of Burg-Wächter UK, also had a strong presence at the show with its very own stand. Sterling is a long established brand within the independent locksmiths with a focus on quality products at a great price. The stand featured key ranges including padlocks, chains, ropes, security cables, cash boxes, key cabinets and post boxes to name just a handful.

A video was also shown to give an insight into Burg-Wächter UK’s onsite testing lab: As an ISO9001:2008 compliant company, Burg-Wächter UK batch test all their products to ensure they meet strict quality guidelines, which forms part of the companies wider improvement framework and philosophy of continual improvement in all aspects of the business.