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The parcel box eBoxx assures a secure delivery of your parcels in absence

What does the eBoxx offer?
Buying and receiving goods via the internet is especially convenient – but only when someone is at home during the delivery.
For this problem, BURG-WÄCHTER has the solution: The parcel box eBoxx receives your deliveries even when you are absent. From now on, inconvenient visits to the local post office belong to the past.

With the innovative parcel box eBoxx from BURG-WÄCHTER you will never again miss a delivery. The private receiving possibility comes in different sizes and therefore can also receive larger parcels.

Innovative snap-in security lock

The patent pending locking mechanism of the parcel box eBoxx is especially safe.
The opening door has a special snap-in mechanism so that the deliverer can easily open it. The parcel is stored inside and the deliverer subsequently closes the door by pushing a press button and triggering the final locking mechanism. This one, can be opened only by the owner of the parcel box.

The secure parcel box door

The door of the eBoxx is protected against forceful opening. The locking mechanism resists corrosion and with the sturdy hinges provides the required security.
Opening the door and collecting parcels is very convenient with the integrated opening stop.
The spacious design may seduce children to play inside. For the case of emergency, the parcel box is equipped with an emergency opening possibility. With this, the door can be opened from the inside.
On the other side, the door snap-in function prevents an unintentional opening from the outside.

Sturdy construction

The parcel box is made of all-over galvanised steel and is additionally robustly laser welded. With the strengthened floor, you can confidently leave your deliveries alone for a few days.

A lot of volume for large parcels

With the spacious depth, the eBoxx offers a lot of space for your parcels and keeps them safe until the collection. The practical receiving box is available in six sizes. According to your needs, you can decide on a smaller version or a larger one with an integrated compartment for letters.

The convenient details of the eBoxx

Attached to the parcel box there is a notification card for a long-term use that can be stored in the built in pocket.
Further included: Pre-printed contracts for the cooperation between you and the respective delivery service.
A master key system is also included. This enables a shared usage of the eBoxx (for size DAA). Team up with a neighbour and mutually benefit from the advantages of the parcel box. Here, only one key for parcel box and letter compartment is needed.

Mounting possibilities

The eBoxx is prepared for a sturdy wall or floor assembly. The included fixing material enables a quick mounting and commissioning.
With a matching stand, you can freely put up your parcel box at an individually desired place.
Ideally suitable are the stands Universal 150 eBoxx Ni or Terzo 160 eBoxx Ni from our range of letter box stands.
Tip: Perform the assembly in a weather-protected area – this way, the eBoxx will optimally keep its design and functionality.

The boxes are constructed in a modular design and can be combined. That way, even compact parcel-receiving installations for multi-family houses and plexes can be realised.

The characteristics of the eBoxx from BURG-WÄCHTER

  • Parcel box with deposit-function
  • A lot of volume
  • Innovative snap-in security lock
  • Corrosion-resistant locking mechanism
  • 3-point locking system and 3 hinges (from size D)
  • Comfort-plus: Door opening restrictor
  • Emergency opening possibility from the inside (child lock)
  • Door stay to prevent unintentional opening
  • Strong laser welded body
  • Bottom braces
  • Including notification card for continuous use, with pocket
  • Pre-printed contracts for cooperation with respective delivery services
  • Master key system included in the delivery, parcel box –sharing possible ((for size DAA)
  • Prepared for wall fixing or free set-up with a matching stand
  • 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee


Art.-No. Colours H x W x D Volume Slot
mm  l W x H (mm)
C 634 SW white 345 x 380 x 450 59
D 634 SW white 460 x 380 x 450 79
E 634 SW white 575 x 380 x 450 98
GV 644 SW white 760 x 575 x 450 197
EA 634 SW white 690 x 380 x 450 20/98 326 x 31
DAA 634 SW white 690 x 380 x 450 20/20/79 326 x 31