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Bicycle lock 235 80 L – combination lock replaces keys

Securely open a bicycle lock – even in the dark. This works perfectly with the 235 80 L cable lock. There is no longer any need to fumble a key into the lock. The 80-centimetre-long bicycle lock can be easily opened with a four-digit numerical code. The combination is quickly set using four number rolls. When it is dark, the cyclist only has to press the light button briefly and a small lamp illuminates the digit rolls. In the process, the cyclist always has both hands free. The light goes out automatically after approximately ten seconds or when the button is pressed again. The cyclist can mount the lock very conveniently on the frame using the bracket supplied.

Cable locks for a secure lock

With a length of 80 centimetres, cyclists can comfortably attach the 235 80 L cable lock to bicycle racks, fences or other suitable places. It is important to ensure that the bicycle is attached to a firmly fixed object. If the bicycle lock is simply pulled through a wheel, it can easily be carried away by bicycle thieves. The heart of the bicycle lock is a 15 millimetre thick steel body. A stable, black rubber sheath protects the steel cable. The lock body is available in two colours: green and black.

235 80 L also secures garden furniture, workshop equipment and scooters

The 235 80 L rope lock can of course also be used to secure other items. For example, the lock allows children to safely connect their scooters. Furthermore, the bicycle lock is also ideally suited for securing tools or surfing equipment. The padlock can also be used to secure garden furniture. This is a necessity in many places. More and more often, expensive garden furniture is being stolen from easily accessible terraces. In such cases it is good to know that these are adequately secured at night and during long periods of absence.


An overview of the 235 80 L bicycle lock

  • Strong cable lock with illuminated combination
  • Opening and closing using four digit rolls
  • Self-selected combination
  • Easy fit mounting bracket
  • Lock body available in green and black



Art.-No. Length Ø
cm mm
235 80 L Black 80 15
235 80 L Green 80 15