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210 C 65 KIDS children’s bicycle lock with numerical code – Never lose the key again

At last, be mobile and explore the area by yourself. It is a big step for kids when they sit on their children’s bike for the first time and ride around alone or in a group. Is there something that should not be forgotten? The ultimate children’s bicycle lock! After all, even a children’s bicycle can easily cost several hundred Euro and is very attractive to thieves. A bicycle is stolen approximately every minute and a half in Germany –and these are only the reported cases. To ensure that children’s bikes are safe in the future, they can conveniently attach them with the 210 C 65 KIDS spiral lock.

Four colours and easy-to-adapt digit rolls

The low-priced 210 C 65 KIDS children’s bicycle lock is available in four colours. This means that everybody can find the right spiral lock for their own individual taste. Thanks to the four-digit combination lock, the key is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, children often lose or misplace keys. As children’s hands are not as big and strong as those of adults, the four digit rolls can be rotated very easily. Of course, the children can choose the four-digit number combination themselves and change it at any time. So the little cyclists always have a lot of fun with their children’s bicycle lock.

Children can also safely secure scooters in a few easy steps

Furthermore, the spiral lock 210 C 65 KIDS is also suitable for locking the ever so popular children’s scooters. Simply pull the lock on the scooter through the front or rear tyre and attach it in place. The scooter is perfectly secured. With a length of 65 centimetres, the children secure their bikes very easily to a bicycle rack, fence or other appropriate fixture. The steel cable used inside the rubber jacket is ten millimetres thick.


The 210 C 65 KIDS bicycle lock for children at a glance

  • Available in four colours
  • Plastic-coated steel cable, 10 mm thick
  • Number combination individually selectable (4 digits)
  • Length: 65 centimetres
  • Child-friendly handling
  • Also suitable for scooters


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210 C 65 65 10,0