Keep your two-wheeled investment safe

Bicycles are hot property: Over 72,000 cases of bike theft were reported in England in 2022, with many of us assuming the majority of those thefts occurred when out and about. It might come as a surprise that 60% of those stolen occur when the bicycle is stored at home. With the average cost of a bicycle sitting around £1,400, that’s a easy target for thieves to wheel away.

Locking a bicycle at home and away is a MUST
Locking the garage or shed door is not enough – the bike frame should fixed to a secure anchor point, ensuring even if they get past the door, the bicycle cannot be simply wheeled away without a lot of extra work required.

Insurance approved security
Those wishing to insure their bike will often be advised they required a lock that is “Sold Secure Approved”. Sold Secure attack test the product ensuring it meets defined security standards and award the lock bronze, silver, gold or diamond depending on how secure it is – with diamond offering the most protection. Locks that are Sold Secure approved can also meet the Secured by Design “police preferred specification”. This is the official police initiative that works to improve security through good product design.