secuENTRY pro 7010 TWIN



secuEntry pro 7010 Twin: The electronic door lock for double-sided opening.

Leaving the house without a key? Not a problem with the secuENTRY pro 7010 Twin door lock! You can open your new door lock easily after installation in five different ways: via pin code, fingerprint, active or passive transponder and with the smartphone. As the name Twin suggests, both inside and outside knobs can be opened and closed. This makes the secuENTRY pro 7010 Twin extremely versatile.

The technology of the twin-cylinder in detail: The inner and outer knobs are disengaged in the inactive mode. The knob only engages when it receives an authorised opening signal; the door can then be opened or closed. The secuEntry 7010 is therefore ideal for access doors which are closed on both sides, or for doors susceptible to reach-around opportunities, for example garden doors. Since both knobs are idle, they cannot be opened by gripping. Additionally, the secuEntry Twin is ideally suited for outdoor use; the high protection class IP65 (protection against dust, protection against jet water) ensures this.

When opening via Bluetooth (code, fingerprint, active transponder, smartphone), all information is AES encrypted during the data transmission (4.0 BLE) and therefore optimally protected against manipulation. The operating range is up to 4 meters. Both the internal and external knobs can read the transponder signals. In addition, the cylinder has a history function and safes the last 2,000 openings.

You would like to use the secuENTRY pro 7116 Duo with fingerprint and / or code? Then find the right keypad here.


secuENTRY Duo offers the following door opening methods:

1. Fingerprint via keypad

  • Access via own fingerprint
  • Up to 200-300 biometric user codes, (max. 45 premium fingers and 200-300 standard fingers)
  • Fake finger detection
  • Advanced sensor technology
  • Up to 40,000 openings per battery cycle in the cylinder

2. Pincode via keypad

  • Up to 2000 user codes
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Keypad operation via touch panel
  • Up to 40,000 openings per battery cycle in the cylinder

3. Active transponder

  • Up to 2000 BLE-Keys (Bluetooth 4.0)
  • Door range of up to four metres
  • Transponder battery allows up to 10,000 openings

4. Passive transponder

  • Up to 2000 RFID-Keys (contactless opening)
  • No battery in the transponder needed

5. Via Smartphone

  • The smartphone becomes the key
  • Download via AppStore (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android)


Installation secuENTRY pro 7010 Twin

During assembly, the mechanical cylinder is replaced simply and quickly with the secuEntry pro 7010 Twin electronically controlled door cylinder. This can be easily installed with just a few steps – in doors up to a thickness of 130 mm (67.5 mm / 62.5 mm – measured from the middle of the fixing screw). The electronic cylinder can be easily retrofitted into almost any door and is suitable for both house and apartment doors as well as for interior doors. Existing fittings are preserved and no drilling is necessary.

The door cylinder has IP65 protection (complete contact protection, protection against dust, protected against jet water from all directions. The required batteries are included (inner knob: 2x MIGNON LR06 AA Alkaline, outer knob: 1x CR123A lithium battery).


Optional Software

The optional secuENTRY PC software offers many other features at your disposal. This allows you to easily manage all users, grant or revoke access rights for persons authorised by you, and to read out the access history. You can keep track of all processes at any time!