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secuENTRY 5702 Fingerprint


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secuENTRY with finger scan: The electronic door lock of the new generation

Opening doors conveniently and safely with your own fingerprint – sounds like future.
BURG-WÄCHTER offers you this innovative invention today. From now on, you do not need to carry inconvenient keys with you all the time. Prevent a loss of keys and therefore avoid a high security risk.

The secuENTRY cylinder offers an extraordinary flexibility. Next to passive transponders and smartphones, it can standardly be controlled via biometry and pin codes as well. That way, a fast response to altered requirements or a later upgrading of the system is possible.

The digital locking cylinder secuENTRY with RFID technology (radio-frequency identification) localises and identifies your opening devices automatically and without contact.

Particularly safe: Latest finger scan technology and many other convenient ways to open your door

With this electronic door lock, you have many different options to open your doors in a safe and convenient way.

  • Probably the most convenient and uncomplicated option is to open your door with your own fingerprint. Just move the prior to that programmed finger centrally from top to bottom over the keypad’s finger scan – Done. Opening doors was never that fast and easy!
  • Another keyless opening process is possible with the free KeyApp for your Smartphone that is available in the AppStore or Google Play Store. Push the access button in your app and the cylinder switches automatically. Special advantage: For different users, multiple smartphones can be programmed at the same time.
    The free starter kit includes 30 access operations; other chargeable packages are available in your store.
  • A further practical method for access: Via an illuminated, battery-driven keypad and with your personal 6-digit code, you get a fast access to your home. Altogether, you have the chance to program up to 50 codes (one admin code included); maximum 24 of it can be registered as fingerprints.
  • With a handy and modern passive transponder, you have a fourth option to open your door conveniently. More than easy: Hold the device in front of the electronical cylinder, this one switches immediately so that you only need to turn the knob. Within the delivery scope, there is one transponder included and others are separately available.

During the opening process and with the data transmission via Bluetooth, all information are securely AES encoded and therefore optimally protected against manipulation.

secuENTRY 5702 FINGERPRINT: Compatible and easy to assemble

The electronic door cylinder is easily applicable to doors with a thickness of up to 130 mm (67.5/62.5). It is suitable for both interior as well as for exterior doors.
The secuENTRY keypad with protection class IP 55 is to be mounted in a weather-protected area and within a door range of up to four metres, so that an error-free, wireless transmission via Bluetooth can be established.

Easy retrofitting

The electronic door lock from BURG-WÄCHTER is ideally suitable to retrofit your doors.
In retrospect, the electronic cylinder can be integrated into nearly every door (with door thickness up to 130 mm).
With the assembly, the mechanical profile cylinder is exchanged with the electronic operating cylinder. The existing fittings remain unchanged and an additional drilling is not needed.

The power supply happens without any external connection to a power source. That means for you: No complicated cable joints and no self-wiring. The electricity consumption is due to Bluetooth 4.0 LE low and provided by batteries.

Optional PC software for further convenient features

With the optionally available secuENTRY PC software, many other features are at disposal: Here, you can administrate all users and their access rights in a clear way or you can read out the access history. With this software, you have an eye on all opening actions at all times!

The complete set for interior and exterior doors includes one electronic secuENTRY cylinder, one keypad with integrated finger scan module, one passive transponder, batteries and a user and installation guide.

The electronic door lock secuENTRY 5702 FINGERPRINT at a glance


  1. Mobile via smartphone
    • App obtainable in the App Store and Google Play Store*
    • App available for Samsung Galaxy S4, S4 mini, S5 and S5 mini from android version 4.3 KitKat or 5.0 Lollipop and Apple iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S from IOS 8.1.3 and Nexus 6**
    • Keyless entry
  2. Passive transponder
    • Modern passive transponder
    • One piece included as standard
  3. Pin code via keypad
    • Illuminated keypad
    • Keypad operation via touch panel
    • Mechanical ON button
  4. Fingerprint via keypad
    • Fake finger detection
    • Access with the own fingerprint
    • Advanced sensor technology


  • 6-digit secret code
  • Up to 50 codes can be programmed (incl. one administrator code), or up to 24 fingerprints
  • One million different codes possible (PINCODE)
  • More than one billion codes possible (TRANSPONDER)
  • Optimum protection against manipulation
  • Data transmissions AES encoded for safety
  • Keypad should be installed in an area protected from weather, protection class IP 55


  • For all doors with a thickness of up to 130 mm (67.5/62.5)
  • For interior and exterior doors
  • Knob diameter 30 mm
  • External is supplied adjusted to 30 mm, internal is supplied unassembled
  • Keypad to be mounted within a 4 m range of the door


  • The electronic secuENTRY cylinder replaces the mechanical euro profile lock
  • Existing fittings remain unchanged
  • No drilling – easy to replace
  • Low battery consumption due to use of Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Battery life depends on operation mode (with active Bluetooth 2 years and without Bluetooth 3 years)
  • Including 2 LR6 AA batteries (keypad) and 1 CR123A battery (cylinder)


  1. KeyApp
    • Cylinder opens via smartphone
    • Download via AppStore or Google Play Store
    • Search term “secuENTRY KeyApp”
    • Fast installation and easy commissioning
    • Automatic update is possible
    • Free starter kit incl. 30 access operations
    • Additional chargeable packages available
  2. ConfigApp
    • Usable with the secuENTRY PC software only
    • To program keypads and locks
    • To read out and show the history
    • Free download in the AppStore and Google Play Store
    • Search term “secuENTRY ConfigApp”
    • Automatic updates possible


  • Our optional TSE software offers several additional functions such as:
    • User administration
    • Administration of access rights
    • History readout, etc.

**Please check whether your smartphone is compatible with the app


Assembly Instructions secuENTRY - Part 1 Standard Door

Assembly Instructions secuENTRY - Part 2 Security Door