BURG-WÄCHTER has over 95 years of lock making history and can be traced back to the 1920’s when Alfred Lüling founded a trading company, located in Wetter-Volmarstein, Germany. This region has a long tradition of “lock making”, which was a traditional craft and home to numerous families, tracing back to the 1750’s. Even at the turn of the 20th century there were countless small family businesses in Volmarstein where locks were made. With the start of the industrialisation large factories were created, which extended the distribution of their products to international markets. The reputation of Wetter- Volmarstein as “lock-town” then spread in the whole world.

Burg-Wachter History

A Family Company

In 1950, Alfred Lüling’s three sons joined the company and today it is still managed by the 3rd generation and the 4th generations of the Lüling family. They set up their own manufacturing facility in Wetter Volmarstein, forming the basis for further growth. A second production facility built in Meinerzhagen-Valbert in 1964. The capacities of this facility have now grown several times. Today BURG-WÄCHTER uses advanced industrial production capacity, but the craft of tradition lock making has been preserved. This is the secret to high quality products.

Expansion to the UK

In 2013 BURG-WÄCHTER acquired Sterling Locks Limited UK, a long established security manufacturer with an emphasis on service and quality. The company was renamed in 2015 to BURG-WÄCHTER UK and moved to a new head office and distribution facility based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The central location and large stock holding allows for UK delivery of many lines on a next day bases across the BURG-WÄCHTER product range.