BURGCam – The Stylish & Smart Security Solution

Discover the high-quality smart video surveillance system from our BURGcam series for your home or business!

It is a well known fact that each winter, as it gets darker, unfortunately crime rates rise.  Did you know though that most break ins occur when you are out during the day as thieves are keen to avoid interruptions and confrontation? With this in mind, video surveillance systems are becoming increasingly popular, providing both a visual deterrent and to help gathering vital evidence.

Keeping a watchful eye on your property has never been so simple. Easy to install and use, BURGcam is the solution you have been waiting for. An affordable system that can be used inside or outside to protect in and around your home or business.

Features include:

  • Quickly and easily self-installed
  • Super HD 2K resolution*
  • Face detection/video analytics
  • Option to pair up to 6 cameras with a network recorder
  • Can be used internally or externally for both residential or commercial use
  • A choice of zoom, dome, bullet and indoor cameras
  • Pan, tilt & zoom functionality available on the Zoom camera
  • All cameras are practically and conveniently controllable via WLAN or LAN (WiFi)
  • Ability to record directly onto an SD card and use as standalone units

*BURGcam Zoom 3060 has 1080p full HD resolution.

For added convenience we created the system to be used alongside our free BURGcam app (available on Apple & Android) – With it you can:

  • View cameras remotely
  • Watch real-time monitoring
  • View using either a smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Two-way audio communication with indoor camera
  • Receive notifications and alerts, providing you with additional peace of mind

With over 100 years in the security industry, Burg-Wächter is well known for quality and innovative security solutions.

If you would like any more information click here or to download our brochure click here. You can also contact us on Tel – 01274 395333.