2018/19 UK Safe Brochure now available

Burg-Wächter UK have launched an updated and expanded UK safe brochure for 2018. The new brochure includes the full range of domestic and commercial safes including freestanding and in-wall models.

Included in the brochure is the new Combi-Line CL60 fire safes which boasts a generous 78 litres of internal volume. Certified for 30 minutes of fire protection and the storage of £4,000 cash (£40,000 valuables) , the CL60 is the ideal secure storage solution for the home and office.

Ranger gun cabinets see the addition of the Ranger N series with ECB.S Grade N (Grade O) certification – ideal for securing firearms with an insurable value of up to £60,000.

The Diplomat safe range get a 2018 makeover with a new high-tech insulation which keeps the certified 60 minute fire protection but reduces the weight by almost 20% compared to the previous model. The lower weight assists in making delivery and installation easier.

Available now, the brochure comes in compact A5 size and contains all the relevant UK specific cash ratings and certifications to aid in selecting the correct Burg-Wächter safe. The brochure can be viewed online here.