Bringing bicycle security into the fold

Sales of bicycles in the UK have continued grow strongly over the last few years, with nearly 43% of the population now either owning or having access to a bicycle. This has led to a growing market for bicycle accessories, particularly security products. According to the latest crime survey for England and Wales, over 275,000 incidents of bicycle theft were reported in the last year, with the insurer CyclePlan putting the true figure at nearly half a million. Whilst thankfully the number of incidents continues to fall, it indicates that bikes are still a relatively easy target for thieves.

To help retailers meet the rising demand for security products, Burg-Wächter has launced a range of new fold-able bike locks. Each folding link of the lock is made from hardened steel for high security, with a plastic covering that prevents scratching.
Expanding to 80cm in length, Burg-Wächter folding bike locks are long enough to attach any frame to a secure anchoring point. When not in use, these compact locks can be stored neatly and easily in a bag, or can be mounted onto the frame for added convenience. A choice of either keyed or combination locking mechanisms are available.

This UK exclusive range is available now and can be purchased on