Bicycle Security Ideas

Bikes and can be easy to steal and quick to shift, especially with the darker winter months approaching. The use of sturdy padlocks with security cables and chains will act as a discouragement to anyone who is on the look out to make a fast buck from someone else’s property. Fortunately it’s easy to keep your wheels safe and sound with a bit of help from our Sterling security range.

Not Precious, but Inconvenientsold-secure-chain-padlock-close-up-5

An old bike may not be worth much, but if it takes you to work everyday – it’s a big blow to have it stolen.  A new lock and chain on an old bike is therefore a very good investment.

At Home

Bikes are most at risk in public, but that doesn’t mean they’re automatically safe at home. The first line of defence is a strong padlock and hasp on the shed door. But for maximum security, lock it down to a Ground or Wall anchor, and make sure that it stays put.

Wall AnchorsSterling Wall Anchor

Not every home has railings or lamp posts conveniently placed.  A simple alternative is to fit a Sterling security anchor on an exterior wall.  This provides a solid point through which cables and chains can be passed.  Tamper proof bolts fix the hardened steel anchor to the wall.  For sheds or wood built out buildings, Sterling also provides wall anchors that can be adapted with a back plate to be secure on non-masonry walls.

Out and About

90% of all bike thefts happen when a bike is left unattended in public. A tough lock is the best defence – especially when a cable is used to lock the machine to something secure and immovable. A Self-Coiling Locking Cable with an integral lock or combination lock is the most convenient way to make sure that your bike stays put. For even more security, why not try a Double Loop Cable combined with a tough padlock? Sterling cables are made of durable steel and have a protective vinyl coating which means they protect paintwork as well!

Top Tip – Quick Release Wheels!Sterling U Lock and Cable

Many bikes now have quick release wheels. If you want to make sure the wheels stay on the bike, then lock them into place. You might need two locks, but better that than only one lock and only one wheel!

For more information on Sterling chains, security cables and anchors, please visit The Sterling Website.