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Berlin – Contemporary and weatherproof

The Berlin post box is the ideal contemporary post solution for both residential and commercial properties. The top opening post flap allows for easy deposits of mail, including large C4 envelopes. With a sleek drop front opening retrieval flap that includes a integrated lock – supplied with two keys. The design of the Berlin and nameplate allows for grouping multiple boxes into banks – ideal for multiple occupancy buildings and business premises.

Weather and rust resistant

Stainless Steel

Comprised of high-quality stainless steel that is especially hard-wearing, rustproof and weather resistant. Ideal for harsh or coastal environments. Made in Germany, the Berlin also comes with a transparent coating to ensure even better protection against wind and weather.


The Berlin is ideal for fixing against a wall, gate or fence, with the fixings included in the box.

If you would like your post box to be free-standing, Burg-Wächter offers suitable post box stands – click here to view them.

Practical opening stop

The Berlin post box has a practical opening stop function. That means: if you come home from work or shopping and open the letterbox, your mail will not fall onto the (wet) ground but remains in the post box thanks to the opening stop. So letters, catalogues and any other mail can be removed very easily. Even with only one hand.


The Berlin is available in two versions: as a single letterbox or as a Berlin set with integrated newspaper box. This is also made of stainless steel with a protective coating. Thanks to the newspaper box, magazines, daily newspapers and thick catalogues can easily be dropped off by the postman. At the same time you have direct access to your reading material.

The Berlin at a glance

  • High quality stainless steel: Made of stainless steel, rustproof & weatherproof. Ideal for coastal and harsh environments
  • Modern and contemporary design
  • Ideal for grouping into post box banks
  • Made in Germany
  • Nameplate
  • High quality cam lock supplied with 2 keys
  • Also available as a set with integrated newspaper holder
  • Drop front opening to access mail and top opening letter flap for improved weather protection
  • No springs to corrode
  • Accepts envelopes up to a size of C4 (W x H: 275 x 35 mm)
  • Measurements H x W x D: 400 x 285 x 105 mm
  • Fixings included in box
  • 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee

Convenient and minimum maintenance required: Simply clean the Berlin regularly with a clean and damp cloth – done!

Art.-No.  Colour / Material Dimensions H x W x D (mm)  Slot Dimensions (mm)
Berlin 3777 Ni Satinless Steel (no newspaper holder) 400 x 285 x 105 252 x 30
Berlin-Set 37770 Ni Stainless Steel (with newspaper holder) 500 x 285 x 105 252 x 30


Care instructions for stainless steel letterboxes

How to care for your stainless steel letterbox

Letterboxes, newspaper boxes and letterbox stands from BURG-WÄCHTER of high-class stainless steel are extremely weatherproof and long lasting. All weld residues have been completely removed by a complex grinding process. Only stainless steel rivets have been used at those points in the roof and flap areas that are difficult to access.

A rust film can be removed quite easily

If rust nevertheless appears on the surface, this is simply a rust film that does not originate from inside the material. These airborne particles can be removed quite easily by cleaning the letterbox - rub vigorously.

Please avoid permanent contact between stainless steel and other metals so as to prevent any damage from corrosion. Use only the enclosed stainless steel screws for the installation.

We hope you will enjoy your stainless steel letterbox from BURG-WÄCHTER for many years to come!

Long-term care tip for stainless steel

The stainless steel surface will remain shiny for many years to come if it is cleaned several times a year with a special stainless steel cleaner such as "Stahl fix".