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The matching newspaper box for letter boxes Holiday, Letter and Daily

This model from BURG-WÄCHTER is made of steel and is additionally all-over and protectively galvanised. Here, your printed news media is stored more than safely. The box is opened on both sides and offers a convenient delivering and collecting.

For cleaning, as with our letter boxes as well, simply and regularly use a clean and wet cloth. This way, the newspaper box stays in operation for a long time.

The simple, round design of this newspaper box suits many letter box models from our range. However, it is especially suitable as a complement to the models Holiday 5842, Letter 5832 and Daily 5861. The available colours are ideally combinable with the matching letter boxes.

The newspaper box News 5800 from BURG-WÄCHTER

  • Round shape
  • Made of galvanised steel
  • Usable on both sides (no side cover)
  • Matching to the letter boxes Holiday 5842, Letter 5832 and Daily 5861
  • Available in the colours white, silver, green and antique iron
  • Measurements W x Ø : 400 x 120 mm
  • 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee



Art.-No. Colours W x Ø
Daily 5861 GR green B 400 Ø 120
Daily 5861 E antique iron B 400 Ø 120
Daily 5861 W white B 400 Ø 120
Daily 5861 Si silver B 400 Ø 120