Sterling: Part of the BURG-WÄCHTER family

Sterling is part of the BURG-WÄCHTER UK range of security hardware products. Specialising in Door and Window security, including the Doorminder BSI Kitemark Euro cylinder range, Sterling offers a wide range of products for securing all types of doors, sheds, garages and windows.

Looking for a discreet place to store keys and cash out of sight? Sterling’s Safecan range of replica food cans and everyday household items include a hidden compartment – simply place your small valuable items inside and hide them in plain sight!

To find out more about Sterling door & window security, Doorminder cylinders, or Safecan, please visit the Sterling website here.


Do you own a Sterling product and need help or advice? Our team will be more than happy to help. Please contact the BURG-WÄCHTER UK customer service team on: or, alternately, call +44 (0) 1274 395 333.


Your 10 year guarantee is still valid across all existing Sterling products, unless otherwise stipulated. Please retain the original proof of purchase.