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Sapphire 111 40 Trio


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Laminated padlocks, multi-pack, keyed alike

The Sapphire 111 Trio offers three 40mm padlocks, all which work with the same key. Ideal for locking up multiple doors, sheds or gates, with the benefit of having to carry just the one key to open all padlocks. A tough steel laminated body and hardened steel shackle ensure items are well secured, whilst a brass cylinder and stainless steel springs mean they are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

  • ABS plastic full body jacket
  • Standard section keyway
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Nickle plated brass keys


Art.-No. Shackle Ø Shackle height Shackle Width Total height Key blank no.
mm mm mm mm
Trio 111 40  6.4 20.3  23.1 63.0 67 R